Baby Sunglasses

Karl's parents came out from the East coast to visit and we all went for a trip to the San Diego Zoo. When we got there we realized that baby would be in the sun all day so we got some little baby sunglasses and a baby baseball cap from the gift store. Joshua was super cute in his new digs and we all had a great day at the zoo.

Joshua Tree & Ordination

My ordination service is set for this coming Sunday evening. My parents are able to make it out for the weekend so it will be good to see them again before we head off to Thailand for about four years. Praise God that our financial support has come together sufficiently for us to leave at the end of this month. We gave notice to our landlord and are looking for plane tickets now. In the few weeks that we have left we are trying to not get everything packed up but also see as many people as we can before we leave. My brother recently came out to visit and we all headed out to Joshua Tree National Park for a few days. Here is one of the many pics that we took. I have posted more on Joshua's blog (yes, we have a blog for our baby, and no, he does not write his own entries)

Joshua Tree National Park

When Karl's brother James came to visit, we all went out to Joshua Tree National Park for a couple of days and had a wonderful time in God's good creation. Baby Joshua was a real trooper through it all and it is too bad that he will remember none of it except for what we tell him and the following pictures. We'll go there again someday when he is older and will get more out of it.

Joshua Meets Uncle James

Karl's brother James came to visit for a few days and got a chance to meet his new nephew. Joshua was very non-chalant about the whole meeting but Uncle James took a little while to adjust to baby handling, to which he is otherwise unaccustomed. Here are some pics from the meeting of the minds.

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