Meet My Little Friend

One of Joshua's favorite activities is standing. In this picture, we are doing our ventriliquism routine where I hold him up from behind (or often from the sides) and he supports his weight on his legs. He has more than enough strength to hold him self up but almost most zilch for balance. But we both have lots of fun holding him up and keeping him from toppling over as he flails around, looking everywhich way.

Also, in the past few days he has just started what Sun calls "crawling". I suppose it IS the beginning stages of crawling but what he is actually doing looks more like someone trying to push a wheelbarrow that doesn't have a wheel. While lying on his belly, Joshua will straighten his legs at an angle to the floor, push off with his feet, arch his butt up in the air, and push his face and arms into the floor (or bed or whatever his is lying on). Granted that he does move an inch or so forward on occasion while using this method, I not convinced that this is bona fide crawling. But he is getting there. Joshua will be four months old next week (9/24)

Foreign Husbands Pay Off For Thai?

When I was in Thailand (1999-2002), I encountered numerous foreign guys looking for Thai wives or Thai women dreaming of finding foreign husbands. Granted that some of these Thai/foreign couples have wonderful and happy marriages, it was my observation that the majority of these marriage fell far short of what a marriage could and should be. First of all, the foreign guy usally speaks little to no Thai and the Thai women has little to no English. How can you know that you want to marry someone if you can hardly talk with them on a deep level? The answer is that you have low expectations for what you want out of marriage. As you can see from the article below (from "The Nation", one of Bangkok's English language newspapers), many Thai women see foreign husbands as an opportunity for financial security, greater social status. And the foreign guys are often seeking out a beautiful submissive Asian woman to cook, clean, and take care of their other "physical needs" (if you know what I mean).

On the plus side, foreign guys have a greater reputation for marital fidelity and not abusing their wives to their wives than do Thai men. This is a generalization, I know. I have known many Thai men who by all outward appearances love their wives very much, been faithful, and treatly them wonderfully. However, many Thai women have had the exact opposite experience and seek out foreign husbands in hopes of avoiding the abuse and heartache of their previous relationship(s).

Spin the Baby

Joshua's newest game is to spin around in his crib while he is sleeping. We put him down with his head going north (lengthwise) in the crib but when we come back later sometimes he has turned 45 degrees with his feet up on the crib bumper, sometimes turned 90 degrees with his head and feet jammed up against either side of the crib widthwise (this can't be all too comfortable), and then other times he has spun around almost 180 degrees so that he is facing the exact opposite direction of how we put him in the crib. At first we couldn't figure out how he did it, but we think he pushes off with his powerful, chunky thighs and spin his tail out (again and again in some cases). Then today, for the first time, we heard him crying and found that he had turned himself over for the first time and was on his belly, head up like the Sphinx, looking around and crying. Joshua is going to be a hyper-active terror on two feet once he has enough balance and coordination to walk. Having a baby is fun.

Surrenduring to Sleep

Everyone says that we have such a good baby. Do not let the boy decieve you. Joshua is an extrovert and a very social baby. He loves people when he is out in public and puts on a great public face. When guests come over, nine times out of ten he is asleep or very compliant and wide eyed so as to solicit comments such as "He's so cute!" or "What big eyes he has!". He eats it up. Joshua loves all the attention you heap on him. But, like all babies, he has his whiny crying side that doesn't want to go to sleep. Mommy & Dadddy say, "It's time to sleep Joshua" and Joshua's facial expression and flailing body movements say, "It's playtime!" But we love him, even if it is often a fight to get him to go down for a nap or to sleep at night. He struggles. He cries. He thrashes and moans and sighs. He wriggles his little arms out the swaddling cloth like a Baby Houdini. But when all is said and done, he finally goes down (to sleep, that is). As you can see in the picture, Joshua eventually puts his hands up and surrenders, submitting to the parental wisdom that sleep really is better than crying and thrashing about all night.

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