First Family Vacation

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Beach located right in front of the holiday homeSun & I are finally enjoying our first real vacation since our honeymoon almost two years ago. With the pregnancy and Joshua's birth, there was never really a good time to get away, not to mention all of the busyness involved with preparing to leave for Thailand. Joshua is at a good age now where we can start to do a few things with him and we all, especially me, need a break. OMF has nice holiday home on the beach in Southern Thailand that is available for missionaries.

We've enjoyed sometime to sit back and relax, read, go for a swim, walk on the beach, and play with Joshua. Sun's had some time to do cross stitch and I am working on some books that I've been meaning to get to for a while. I am slowly working my way through Revival and Revivalism by Iain Murray but I got sidetracked by a book of sermons by J. Gresham Machen that I found in the library here at the OMF holiday home. There is also a book on Calvin's life here but I don't know if I'll get to it before we leave in a few days.

Our next holiday probably won't be for a while because when we get back to Lopburi, we only have two or three months of language study before we move on to our ministry location (yet to be decided). After we move, we'll want some time to settle into our new city and get to know people before we would want to take any vacation. So, we are trying to take advantage of this break now before we are back at it next week.

Here are some pictures of what we've been doing with ourselves on vacation.

OMF's holiday home by the beach in southern Thailand

"Baby, you can't have Mommy's flower!"

Sun reading through 1 John in Thai (for enjoyment, of course, this is vacation after all)

Playing "submarine" with Joshua in holiday home's pool

Joshua, unsure of what is happening, scans the poolside for Mommy

The boy becomes unsettled as a submarine surfaces beneath him
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