A Lazy Boy for Baby

Waitress, could I have some milk please?
Maxin' and relaxin' on the Boppy
Joshua's newest activity is trying to grab his feet. On occasion he succeeds, but not often.
It is so hard to get a picture of Joshua smiling because it only lasts for a split second but we may have captured a small smile in this picture.

Finger Food

Our boy loves finger food. His own fingers, to be exact. Joshua has discovered the joy of sucking on his fingers and wastes no opportunity to jam into his mouth as many fingers as can possibly fit. I truly believe that if it was physically possible to put both hands and all ten fingers into his mouth at once, he would do it.


Thailand Coup

It looks as if the coup in Thailand is going to be a bloodless overthrow of an unpopular prime minister. I went to pick up some Thai food tonight from our favorite little Thai place down the street and asked the folks there what they thought about all that's going on in Bangkok. There consensus was that it is good for Prime Minister Taksin to be out of power. I don't know enough of Thai politics to give a definitive opinion about whether this is a good thing for the nation or not but I do know that despite his repeated electoral victories, he was quickly becoming a heavy handed, and thus unpopular figure in the country. As a related side note, when I was in Thailand in July 2004, I was told that Taksin's unofficial policy to deal with the illegal drug problem was this: Hire off duty policemen to covertly assasinate drug dealers.

In any case, Sun and I are hoping and praying that things will settle down in Thailand and return to relative normalcy (and democracy as well), and that God will use this coup to speak to Thai hearts about the lack of peace and security in this world, and drive them to seek the peace that only Christ can give. And since there

Ordination Service

Today I went before the South Coast Presbytery (PCA) for my ordination exam and passed. Last week, I had a challenging three hour pre-exam with the Candidates & Credentials committee and therefore I was somewhat nervous going into the meeting today. But praise God that all went well. The ordination ceremony should occur within the next few weeks or so.