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Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Both of us are still plugging along at the language school, making plans to finish up the current units we are working on before moving to our new ministry location in the next month or two. We still are not quite sure where that will be but hopefully will know soon.

In the meantime though, I (Karl) am working on a module where I develop interview questions on a particular topic (in this case, I picked the violence in Southern Thailand) and then go out and interview some people. I record the conversations and then transcribe them in order to learn about on-the-street conversational Thai and see

what I can garner for my own speaking ability.

Sun is working on a module called "Christian Communications" which helps in understanding and using language for church and ministry. For example, she is learning the language for praying, for sharing her testimony, for asking people to open to a particular passage, and so on. Of her own initiative, she is also trying to work her way through the Gospel of John in Thai and likes to keep me close by to explain various words that she encounters. Not that I know it all, but for what I do know, Sun prefers asking me than going to the dictionary. Once she finishes up with this module, she will take her first year Thai language exam.

After we finish up our time at the language school in the next month or so, we'll move on to our new ministry location, which is currently TBD. May God grant wisdom and discernment to us and OMF leadership in determining where that will be.



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