Bath Time

Joshua continues to grow in leaps and bounds - literally. He crawls faster than the Road Runner and is even able to take a faltering step or two before falling on his bottom or doing a faceplant. We finally found some colorful foam squares with ABC cut-outs to put down on the floor to make a play area for his in our compact home. Joshua has a great time crawling and stumbling around although his sinful human nature shows through as half the time his goes for the edge of the play area where the dirty floor begins, desiring what he can not have. He has the whole garden of fun and soft alphabet squares to play on but still makes a B-line for the dusty dirty wooden floor wilderness east of Eden.

Joshua has been a bit whiny recently as what looks like his seventh tooth attempts to break though, right after number five and six started to poke out last week.

With Joshua's greater mobility and great enthusiasm, he is so much fun to be with although he is also a greater challenge to care for. The worst place for him to practice standing is in the slippery baby tub. He refuses to take his bath sitting down. We put some suction cup fish on the bottom of the tub but they can't prevent every possible slip when he stands up.

Nevertheless, as you can see in the following pictures, he has a lot of fun in the tub with Mr. Ducky, the water scooper, and the facecloth that is supposed to be for washing him down.

For the Love of Money...

Recently, I have encountered a couple of stories that have highlighted the fact that many Thai people are as devoted to money as they are to Buddhism - perhaps even more attached to money.

We visited a small church in a nearby province last week and one of the leaders told us of a new believer who would only come to church when her son, who isn't a believer, could come watch her home for her. Now, her son hasn't been coming, so she stays home on Sundays because she is afraid that theives will break into her house and steal her many possesions when she is out. Break-ins are not uncommon in Thailand this is just such a sad story because

The French Are Coming!

Commemorative plate in the palace ruins of Lopburi showing King Narai The Great giving an audience to french diplomatsThe city of Lopburi recently celebrated their annual Narai festival, in honor of King Narai who reigned over Thailand from his palace here in Lopburi about 400 years ago. Part of the story of King Narai includes ambassadors from France who came to visit the king and initiate diplomatic relations between Thailand and France. Later on, the ambassors, together with some Jesuit priests, all got knocked off because some higher up folks in the royal entourage were afraid that the priests were getting to close to converting the king to Catholicism. So, for the Narai festival parade, the organizers needed some white guys to be the French ambassadors. I thought it would be fun, so I volunteered. It was, kind of, but I felt somewhat ridiculous in my ambassador's costume, especially the wig. Even more ridiculous than the guy with the cone on his head in the picture below.


I was a serious French ambassador marching in the hot sun. I look silly enough being a white guy in Thailand, so why not put on some funny looking clothes to top it off?

Work Permit

Finally got my work permit after a number of months of waiting. Now I am official authorized by the Thai government to work as a "missionary" and to "propagate the Christian religion among those interested, to instruct [church] members in the fundamentals of religion, and to teach the Bible." Well, I better get to work. I wouldn't want to violate my work permit, would I?

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