Thai Visas Received

Praise God that we picked up our visas today at the Thai Embassy here in Singapore. 

The long story is that a couple weeks ago we got the word from OMF in Bangkok that the religion department and immigration department had processed everything for Karl's visa and OMF-Bangkok would send us an official letter to take to the Thai embassy to request dependent visas for Sun and Joshua.  That letter came quickly enough but we discovered that the letter had Sun's maiden name instead of married name.  So, we requested a new letter which came just a few days ago.  Providentially, the Thai Embassy is pretty efficient in pumping out visas and only has a one-day turn around time and we submitted the apps yesterday and then picked it all up today.  So barring any unexpected tragedies, we should be good to go for our flight out to Thailand on Monday (12/4)

Thanksgiving Overseas

Celebrating Thanksgiving outside of the USA is a bit of a different experience.  First of all, it is not a holiday and therefore not a day off.  On Thanksgiving Day we sat in orientation lectures and carried on with life as usual.  So on the actual day of, we didn't do anything although some of the Americans in our international mission are putting together a meal for this Saturday night.  They went out to the store to get the fixin' for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, or at least as many as they can find.  Turkey is rather hard to come by so I think we are having chicken, or maybe Chinese roast duck instead.   All the missionaries who are here have been invited although the number of Americans among us is not that large. 

Sitting Up In The Stroller

Joshua can't quite sit up on his own yet however we were glad to discover that he is big enough and strong enough to stay put in the harness of a regular stroller without slouching excessively. As you can see from his smile, Joshua much prefers it this way because he can more easily see the world than he could from lying on his back in the baby carrier.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Here at OMF Intl HQ in Singapore, we are right across the street from the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is a huge park and gardens that is lush, green, full of beautiful flowers, and wonderful for going for a walk with baby. Although lectures and other business take a lot of our time, we've managed to go a few times and take oodles of photos. Here are a few.

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