First Meal, First Time Sitting Up, Almost First Tooth

This has been a big week of firsts for Joshua.  For the past month and half, he has been doing some serious teething and for the first time the top of one tooth is just barely starting to poke through.  You can hardly see it, but when you put your finger on his bottom gum, it is jagged and hard.
Also, Joshua has progressively been able to sit up by himself and finally he can stay somewhat steady on his own without us holding him in place.  Granted, it is not all that steady and is likely to flop over after a minute or so of sitting up but at least he can do it for a minute!  With his newly acquired sitting up powers, we stuck him in a high chair and gave him his first taste of food today.  He has been on a strick mommy milk diet up until now but has been hanking for some of what mommy and daddy are having for a while now.  We boiled some rice until it was really really mushy and gave little bits on a spoon.  He took to it like a duck to water.  The spoon was barely to his mouth before he lunged forward and clamped his mouth around the spoon and sucked on it.  Maybe he just wanted to suck on the spoon, but we'd like to believe that he wanted the food.   So, we kept feeding him the rest that was in the bowl and he ate it all.  More rice for the boy tomorrow.

Demonic Happenings at the New Airport

This Monday, Dec 4th, we'll be flying to Thailand and arriving at the newly constructed Bangkok airport, which opened in September 2006. The construction of it was plagued by a series of accidents and the Thai authorities decided to bring in a bunch of Buddhist monks to chant over it for good luck. The following excerpt from the Bangkok Post (Sept 24, 2006) tells of the bizarre event that happened during the chanting ceremony and gives some insight into the spiritual realities that shape the lives of Thai people.


Last Saturday there was a large ceremony held at the new BangkokInternationalAirport which is due to open this week. Ninety-nine Buddhist Monks chanted on masse to improve the luck ofthe new airport. Half way through the rite, a man appeared quivering and began to speak in a commanding voice claiming to be the guardian spirit of the airport land. He ordered that a proper spirit house be built at the airport to allow for its smooth operation. The man, who was unidentified, later passed out and woke up to find the spirit had left him” (Bangkok Post article, 24th September, 2006)


The spirit world is very real to Thai people. Please pray that they would understand the true nature of the principalities and powers of this dark world and would come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.



Thai Visas Received

Praise God that we picked up our visas today at the Thai Embassy here in Singapore. 

The long story is that a couple weeks ago we got the word from OMF in Bangkok that the religion department and immigration department had processed everything for Karl's visa and OMF-Bangkok would send us an official letter to take to the Thai embassy to request dependent visas for Sun and Joshua.  That letter came quickly enough but we discovered that the letter had Sun's maiden name instead of married name.  So, we requested a new letter which came just a few days ago.  Providentially, the Thai Embassy is pretty efficient in pumping out visas and only has a one-day turn around time and we submitted the apps yesterday and then picked it all up today.  So barring any unexpected tragedies, we should be good to go for our flight out to Thailand on Monday (12/4)

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