January 2010 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .


Dear Friends & Family,

We thank God for the Christmas evangelism opportunities we had this past December.  Our kids club Christmas in Nong Doan went well with sufficient helpers and lots of kids.  The neighborhood outreach the next day went fine program-wise but was very poorly attended due to the fact that the neighborhood public address system that we planned on using to invite neighbors was broken.  We found this out only a couple days beforehand when I went confirm with the chair of the community association about the time of the announcement.  All the same, some people came and it went as well as could be expected.  Thanks for your prayers for these and other Christmas events.  We pray that God will use the messages heard and literature distributed to impress His truth on the hearts of many.

This year, both Sun and I intend to focus on personal evangelism and discipleship of individuals.  Sun has begun to meet with Arui, a Burmese Christian lady, to study the Bible and to teach her Thai (she can speak Thai but can not read and write Thai). Arui has been a Christian for several years but her knowledge of Scripture is weak.  “Who were the Pharisees?” she asked as Sun began to take her through the Gospel of John.  Please pray that Arui will have the commitment and interest to keep meeting with Sun and will grow in her faith.

After a busy Christmas season, Karl is beginning some visitation again in Nong Doan.  This past Thursday, Karl and Pastor Jareun went to see Ting, who says that his Catholic sister praying to Mary and what he is getting at church is pretty much the same.  We went over the first two commandments and the difference between Protestant and Catholic.  There aren’t many Catholics in Thailand but you do run into them sometimes.  I am still not sure that Ting “gets it” but I hope to visit him weekly to open the Scriptures and talk more.  I am very glad that Jareun comes with me because Ting’s quick mumbly speech can be very difficult to understand.  A native speaker like Jareun understands him fine but I have a bit more difficulty at times.  Sometimes, I have no idea what he is trying to say to me.  Having a godly Thai Christian along in doing visitation is invaluable.

Kids club is starting up again after a few weeks break for Christmas and New Year’s.  We are picking up where we left off before Christmas time, with the story of Abraham.  Besides student worker Tam, there are two Thai guys from PhraBaht church that I want to come join me in running kids club but so far they have not come consistently.  I hope to make this a discipleship opportunity for them since they both say that they want to grow in serving God.

Please also keep in prayer the family of Pastor Jareun whom we work with.  His daughter (who was in her 2nd year of college) had a child out of wedlock.  This has been very difficulty on the whole family and not all members of the Phrabaht church have been supportive.  Postively, Jaruen thinks that this has been a spiritual wake-up call for his daughter that she is responding to.

Thanks for praying with us, for us, and for the Thai people.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • our Bible reading & prayer
  • Balance in family &ministry
  • God to grow the PhraBaht church in Biblical maturity
  • Kids club in Nong Doan
  • Wisdom & diligence in trying to disciple people
  • Pastor Jaruen’s family


  • Christmas evangelism
  • Visitation & discipleship opportunities
  • Baby Caitlin growing well

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