Neighborhood Kids Christmas Outreach

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Christmas time in Thailand is filled with opportunities to share about Christ. Thai people are curious about this foreign holiday and are happy to come out to special Christmas events put on by the Christians.   This past Saturday we hosted a children Christmas event in our neighborhood, right across the street from our house in the community center.  The neighborhood committee gave their approval and said we could use their public announcement system.  However, we found out at the last minute that the speakers were busted and we were unable to let people know that anything was happening.  Pastor Jareun and the teens from PhraBaht church hauled over the big speakers from church and we got the word out as best we could.


The turnout was small but for those who did come, they heard the Christmas story and had a good time.  Our friend Tam, who does student ministry in nearby Lopburi, came to tell the Christmas story to the kids and ask them questions to see what they understood.  Tam has a dynamic personality and is great with the kids.  We also played musical chairs and a matching game where kids had to match pictures from the Christmas story together with sentences telling what is happening in the picture.  This is not as easy as it sounds, especially for Buddhist kids without any church background.  At the end of our time together, all the kids got bilingual Thai-English cartoon storybooks telling the story of Jesus birth.

Praise God for opportunities, both big and little, to tell people about Jesus’ birth and his mission in the world - to save sinners.  For next year, we are hoping that the speakers for the public announcement system get fixed and we’ll have even more kids and the opportunity to do more Christmas time Gospel sowing.



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