June 2009 Prayer Letter



Dear Friends & Family,

We were hoping to join forces with two other Christian families in Nong Doan but their church in Bangkok says they need more training first and is not ready to release them for full-on church planting in Nong Doan.  They do have permission to start a mid-week fellowship group or Bible study of some sort but are currently too busy to commit to that.  This has been a disappointment but postively, Khempawn, one of the Christian men in Nong Doan called me up to ask if I was still interested in doing English teaching there.  He is in the process of sounding out interest in the community and two or three children have expressed interest already.  He has a sign posted at his family’s food stall and in the bus that he drives between PhraBaht and Nong Doan.  When he has 10 children, he’ll give me a call and we’ll get started.  Pastor Jareun of PhraBat church has told me that there may be one or two young men from the church that can help me and there is also a young man from Lopburi who may be able to help as well.  I might be able to pull it off on my own but the help would be appreciated and be a good opportunity in service and discipleship for these young men as well, if they can do it.  What I would really like to see is the two Christian families in Nong Doan have a part in this so that there is a connection between the kids and parents coming for English and the local Thai Christians.  Please pray that this would get off the ground and be productive in sharing the Gospel, both through the English teaching times themselves and through the relationships built through the classes.

May 2009 Prayer Letter



7th Thailand Congress on EvangelismDear Friends & Family,

Thank you for your continued prayers.  May the LORD lead us and guide us as we seek to be faithful to Christ in Thailand.

Twice in a row, my attempts to bring PhraBaht church members out to Nong Doan for evangelism and visitation have fizzled.  I am not sure if I will continue to try this route of evangelism or not as there seems to be little interest of late. After talking with the church’s leadership committee, we have set a date to meet with two other Christian families in Nong Doan to see if we can team up to get a church started there.  Currently, those families travel to Bangkok each Sunday for worship although they would really like to see a church in Nong Doan as well and have done some outreach towards that end.  If we could cooperate with them, this would be a really good thing because they seem to be more spiritually mature and stable than the Nong Doan Christian couple that come to the PhraBaht church.  With three Christian families in Nong Doan, we could start Sunday worship in there, which would make it easier to invite the people living in


Jan/Feb 2009 Prayer Letter


saraburi tech school Xmas evangelismDear Friends & Family,

Thank you for praying for us during the Christmas season.  It was a very busy time and when we finally finished our last outreach at Nong Doan High School on Dec 30th, we were exhausted. However, we praise God for the many opportunities to get the Gospel out.

We were able to get into all three public schools (two elementary, one high school) in Nong Doan and share something about Christmas with the students.  This was a great blessing and opportunity, and not without a certain irony since Christ is virtually banned in American schools yet the  doors are open to share Christ in public schools in Thailand, a very Buddhist nation.

March 2009 Prayer Letter



nong doan evangelismDear Friends & Family,

Thank you for for your continued prayers.  We ourselves could be more faithful in prayer so you could pray for us in that respect.

Karl has taken PhraBaht church members out to Nong Doan a few times already, part of our plan to do Bible study, prayer, handing out tracts, and visitation in Nong Doan every other Sunday afternoon.  Each time we go is a bit different, and not all the same people go each time, but we are hoping that doing this regularly will create a greater culture of evangelism within the church and a greater understanding and application of the Gospel in the lives of the church members.  One of the challenges of “doing” evangelism like this is that some people might get the impression that evangelism is merely an event, something that you “do” and then are done with, rather than a constant desire to love and share the Gospel with the people in your life - at home, at work, at school, in your neighborhood.  Although I don’t have any

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