September 2009 Prayer Letter




Sun pregnant with baby #2Dear Family & Friends,

We are staying at OMF’s mission home in Bangkok now to be closer to the hospital as the arrival of baby#2 draws closer.  Due date is Sept 21st and we are now going for weekly doctor’s visits.  No matter what way Sun sits or lies down, she can’t quite get comfortable. The baby is boxing, kicking, flipping, and spinning around in there, ready to come out anytime now.  Sooner is better, according to Sun.  We’ll send out an email update when the big event occurs.

August 2009 Prayer Letter



Chris reviewing vocab at Nong Doan Kids ClubDear Friends & Family,

The most enjoyable aspect of ministry this past month has been our evangelistic kids club in Nong Doan.  As we’ve begun to go through major Old Testament stories, starting with creation and the fall, it is exciting to know that some of the foundations of a Biblical worldview are being absorbed into these young minds.  While it is an evangelistic ENGLISH kids club, our focus is on the Bible stories and the whole thing is rather English-lite.  Each week, we introduce some English vocabulary that corresponds to the Bible story (i.e. “flood” “boat”  and “die” for Noah’s ark), practicing that vocab, and using it in a game.  But the Bible story is always told in Thai with review in simple English later on.  Every other week, Thai student worker Tam joins us for kids club and does a superb job telling the Bible story and interacting with the kids.  We need more like him.  On the weeks that Tam is not available, I (Karl) tell the story in Thai but it doesn’t compare with an active engaging Thai storyteller like Tam.  Tam is also an up and coming preacher.  I’d love to have him on a church planting team at some point down the road.  It has also been great to have short-termer Brent and missionary friend Chris coming to help with the kids club.  We haven’t gotten much help from the PhraBaht church so it is great to have some guys that I can rely upon.

July 2009 Prayer Letter



Dear Friends & Family,

The beginning of July saw the start of two new evangelistic efforts in Nong Doan.  Every Wednesday afternoon, Karl is teaching English and Bible to students at Anubaan Nong Doan Elementary School.  The school called him up to come teach English, and Karl negotiated with them to teach for free as long as he could use Bible stories as part of the curriculum.  During every class hour, Karl will teach just English for 50 minutes and then gets the last 10 minutes of class to tell a Bible story in Thai.  The first week, first through third graders heard about how God created the world.   Next up will be the creation of man and the fall.

June 2009 Prayer Letter



Dear Friends & Family,

We were hoping to join forces with two other Christian families in Nong Doan but their church in Bangkok says they need more training first and is not ready to release them for full-on church planting in Nong Doan.  They do have permission to start a mid-week fellowship group or Bible study of some sort but are currently too busy to commit to that.  This has been a disappointment but postively, Khempawn, one of the Christian men in Nong Doan called me up to ask if I was still interested in doing English teaching there.  He is in the process of sounding out interest in the community and two or three children have expressed interest already.  He has a sign posted at his family’s food stall and in the bus that he drives between PhraBaht and Nong Doan.  When he has 10 children, he’ll give me a call and we’ll get started.  Pastor Jareun of PhraBat church has told me that there may be one or two young men from the church that can help me and there is also a young man from Lopburi who may be able to help as well.  I might be able to pull it off on my own but the help would be appreciated and be a good opportunity in service and discipleship for these young men as well, if they can do it.  What I would really like to see is the two Christian families in Nong Doan have a part in this so that there is a connection between the kids and parents coming for English and the local Thai Christians.  Please pray that this would get off the ground and be productive in sharing the Gospel, both through the English teaching times themselves and through the relationships built through the classes.

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