February 2010 Prayer Letter



Joshua (3.5 yrs) with sister Caitlin (4 months)Dear Friends & Family,

Thailand has an evangelical Christian population of less than 1% so it might be fairly asked why we would spend a significant portion of our time discipling Thai Christians. Is not evangelism the more pressing task? Discipleship and evangelism are sometimes pitted against each other but they actually go hand in hand.  The folks with whom we are studying the Bible, talking, and praying have much broader and deeper connections with the rest of society than we can ever hope to have as foreigners.  If we can help Thai Christians become grounded in the Bible so that they are well equipped to both hold the faith and pass it on to their relatives and neighbors, then they will likely be more effective evangelists than we can ever be. 

January 2010 Prayer Letter


Dear Friends & Family,

We thank God for the Christmas evangelism opportunities we had this past December.  Our kids club Christmas in Nong Doan went well with sufficient helpers and lots of kids.  The neighborhood outreach the next day went fine program-wise but was very poorly attended due to the fact that the neighborhood public address system that we planned on using to invite neighbors was broken.  We found this out only a couple days beforehand when I went confirm with the chair of the community association about the time of the announcement.  All the same, some people came and it went as well as could be expected.  Thanks for your prayers for these and other Christmas events.  We pray that God will use the messages heard and literature distributed to impress His truth on the hearts of many.

December 2009 Prayer Letter



Tam telling a Bible story at kids clubDear Friends & Family,

Ho, Ho, Ho. The Thai malls are fully stocked with lights, trees, and Santa hats (for purely commercial reasons, of course), which reminds people that Christmas is coming up some time soon, even if they don’t know which day it is or what Christmas is really about.  But the secular PR that Christmas gets provides an opportunity for churches throughout Thailand to take advantage of people’s natural curiosity about this “foreign” holiday and turn it into an opportunity to share about Jesus.  As you can see from the calendar below, we have lots of Christmas events coming up this month.  Some we are only participating in, some we are leading.  All the lessons at kids club in Nong Doan this month focus on Christmas and we’ll have our big Christmas celebration with the kids on Friday Dec 18th.  I’ve ordered Thai-English illustrated storybooks about “Jesus is born” to give the children as a special gift.  On Saturday morning Dec 19th, we’ll take the kids club Christmas program and do it for the children in our neighborhood.  Please pray especially for both of these Christmas events for children - for our own planning, and for sufficient Thai helpers. 

November 2009 Prayer Letter



Sanit Primary School in Nong Doan, ThailandDear Friends & Family,

This past Friday we started up the kids club in Nong Doan again.  There were only about 20 kids present but that’s to be expected since we hadn’t held any activities for a month.  My missionary helpers were not available and I was glad to have along two young Thai men from the PhraBaht church.  I want to bring them along regularly and make this a discipleship/ministry training time for them.  They have both been Christians for a few years but are quite young in the faith.  One of them, nickname Milk, has agreed to also meet with me once a week to read the Bible together.  We’ll start that up after our family gets back from vacation on the 24th of this month.  I have yet to ask the other fellow, nickname Top, to meet up with me to read the Bible but I hope to do the same with him.  There are a few women in the church that Sun would like to disciple in the same manner but she has not yet approached them.  With two small children at home it will be a bit more challenging for Sun to do this but perhaps one or two of the ladies would be willing to come meet her at our home.  Investing in the lives of individuals like this, and opening the Scriptures with them, will be perhaps one of the best uses of our time here in Thailand during the next 1.5 years until home assignment.

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