May 2010 Prayer Letter



cows cross road in rural Thai village of Nong DoanDear Friends & Family,

Perhaps you noticed that we did not have a prayer letter this past April.  We were tired and really close to vacation time so decided to skip a month.  We’re in the midst of Thai hot season, which is particularly hot this year, so it was good to get away to the beach for a couple weeks even it is often not so restful with two small children.

When we arrived back in PhraBaht, we were glad to discover that Pastor Jareun and his family were about to head out for a week of vacation.  Thai people almost never take vacations, and only take a few days off around international New Year’s (Jan 1) and Thai New Year’s (April 13-15).  Jareun and his family really needed a rest so we were glad that they decided to do something counter-cultural here in Thailand - taking a vacation.

March 2010 Prayer Letter



Pastor Jareun and TamDear Friends & Family,

Greetings from Northern Thailand!  No, we have not moved from Phrabaht but for the first two weeks of March are attending Pre-Home Assignment Workshop in Chiang Mai to help us prepare for our upcoming home assignment (furlough) from Dec 2010 to Oct 2011.  We are busy reviewing our life and ministry over the past few years, preparing talks, and starting to plan for the where, when, and who of our time in the States.  We’re looking forward to time back home to reconnect with many of you and to share what we we’ve seen God doing in Thailand over the past four years.  And looking ahead to AFTER our home assignment, we’re asking God to give us at least one more missionary family to join our church planting team here in Thailand. May the LORD of the harvest give us desperately needed like-minded co-laborers in the Gospel for His work here in Thailand.  Please pray with us (Matt 9:37-38)

February 2010 Prayer Letter



Joshua (3.5 yrs) with sister Caitlin (4 months)Dear Friends & Family,

Thailand has an evangelical Christian population of less than 1% so it might be fairly asked why we would spend a significant portion of our time discipling Thai Christians. Is not evangelism the more pressing task? Discipleship and evangelism are sometimes pitted against each other but they actually go hand in hand.  The folks with whom we are studying the Bible, talking, and praying have much broader and deeper connections with the rest of society than we can ever hope to have as foreigners.  If we can help Thai Christians become grounded in the Bible so that they are well equipped to both hold the faith and pass it on to their relatives and neighbors, then they will likely be more effective evangelists than we can ever be. 

January 2010 Prayer Letter


Dear Friends & Family,

We thank God for the Christmas evangelism opportunities we had this past December.  Our kids club Christmas in Nong Doan went well with sufficient helpers and lots of kids.  The neighborhood outreach the next day went fine program-wise but was very poorly attended due to the fact that the neighborhood public address system that we planned on using to invite neighbors was broken.  We found this out only a couple days beforehand when I went confirm with the chair of the community association about the time of the announcement.  All the same, some people came and it went as well as could be expected.  Thanks for your prayers for these and other Christmas events.  We pray that God will use the messages heard and literature distributed to impress His truth on the hearts of many.

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