November 2012 Prayer Letter



Dear Friends & Family,


Our family continues to keep busy here in Bangkok and we appreciate your continued prayers for us and for the Thai people.


There are just a few short weeks left unti the end of Karl’s first term teaching at Bangkok Bible Seminary.  The first year is always challenging for new teachers as they prepare and teach courses that they have never taught before, and Karl’s experience has been no different.  Teaching in a second language adds it’s own challenge as well. But his course in World Missions has been going well, and our family has been integrating into the seminary community, getting to know students and faculty.  Please pray that not only Karl’s teaching, but also our lives and relationships with the students will be a blessing and example that will draw us all closer to Christ and adorn the Gospel of grace.

October 2012 Prayer Letter


Dear Friends & Family,


Some of you may wonder what Sun and the children do while Karl is away teaching at the seminary or helping to translate Christian material. Here is a small glimpse into our lives at home.

Raising Chickens

Another missionary family was raising chickens and we thought we would also do that as part of our homeschooling experience. They were going to give us a hen and a Thai pastor was going to give us a couple of chicks. We were happily surprised when we received the hen AND a mother hen with her five 3-day old chickens. We had been building a hen house and preparing the place for months, so the children were ecstatic to finally get the chickens. The chicks have since grown quite big and are shedding their fuzzy feathers. They are starting to spar with each other. Caitlin really enjoys mothering the chickens. She wants to catch and hold the chicks whenever she has an opportunity. The kids also enjoy looking for eggs (we’ve got 4 so far!). Recently, it’s been unusually wet with the monsoon rains which flood our front yard, so the children haven’t been able to be with the chickens very much. We tried putting down some sand, and that helps some. 

August 2012 Prayer Letter


Bangkok Skyline at Sunset (photo: Diliff)Dear Friends & Family,


What a difference a month makes!  There are still some boxes lying around but we have largely moved in at this point and begun to settle into a routine - Life is getting busy!



New School Year Begins at BBS

This past week, students started moving into the dormitory next to our house and the road out front is getting more foot traffic as everyone looks forward to the new semester that begins August 14th.

Karl is set to teach “Intro to World Missions” to a group of 4th year Bachelor of Theology students.  This is their final year and this is the one missions class in their curriculum.  Please pray that Karl will teach well, and more importantly that the students will learn well, gaining a vision for world missions.  There are extremely few Thai missionaries serving abroad, and the Thai church needs to grow in vision for reaching beyond their own people to those who are culturally, linguistically, and geographically distant from them.  Pray that this class would be used of the Lord to raise up more workers for the harvest fields, near and far (Acts 1:8).

July 2012 Prayer Letter


family sitting in piles of bags and boxesDear Friends & Family,


Thank you for remembering us in prayer as we get settled into our new surroundings in Bangkok and begin ministry.  This past month we enjoyed a long delayed vacation, and good times of fellowship and teaching at OMF Thailand’s annual conference.

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

Right after conference we hired a truck and got all our stuff out of storage in Central Thailand for the big move to Bangkok.  Just about everything was covered in heaps of dust and the hired hands who came with the truck weren’t exactly careful movers.  In any case, a couple weeks later we still have boxes and bags everywhere, and are often not sure where our things are.  And because Bangkok is SO big and busy, we’re often not sure where to buy things in the area around us either.  There are so many shops, big and small, tucked away into the concrete clefts and crevices of this expansive city that it is hard to know where to find this or that.  Folks at the seminary have been helpful in pointing us in the right direction, but it is often still intimidating to try to find anything in the maze of roads.  The signage confuses us and it only takes one missed turn to get severely turned around.

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