July 2012 Prayer Letter


family sitting in piles of bags and boxesDear Friends & Family,


Thank you for remembering us in prayer as we get settled into our new surroundings in Bangkok and begin ministry.  This past month we enjoyed a long delayed vacation, and good times of fellowship and teaching at OMF Thailand’s annual conference.

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

Right after conference we hired a truck and got all our stuff out of storage in Central Thailand for the big move to Bangkok.  Just about everything was covered in heaps of dust and the hired hands who came with the truck weren’t exactly careful movers.  In any case, a couple weeks later we still have boxes and bags everywhere, and are often not sure where our things are.  And because Bangkok is SO big and busy, we’re often not sure where to buy things in the area around us either.  There are so many shops, big and small, tucked away into the concrete clefts and crevices of this expansive city that it is hard to know where to find this or that.  Folks at the seminary have been helpful in pointing us in the right direction, but it is often still intimidating to try to find anything in the maze of roads.  The signage confuses us and it only takes one missed turn to get severely turned around.


June 2012 Prayer Letter


Downtown BangkokDear Friends & Family,


Greetings from Bangkok!  Yes, we finally made it.  We arrived in Thailand on May 26th after a very long but uneventful journey.


Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us as we wrapped up our time in the States.  We took care of everything that needed to get done, and are excited to have moved on to our new adventure in Bangkok.



Our first week in Thailand, we stayed at the OMF Mission Home in Northern Bangkok while getting over jetlag and commuting downtown to start setting up our new house next to the Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS).  The seminary paid rent on the house for us during 2011, and we picked up the rent starting this past January.  The house is a real blessing in that it is, a) an actual house and not an apartment, and b) right next to the seminary.  The building just next to us is used by BBS for administrative offices, student & professor housing, and the cafeteria.  Once the new school term starts on August 14th, there will be tons of seminary folks passing by our gate everyday.  Already, we’ve run into a number of faculty, staff, and students as we’ve been in and out of our house to clean, etc.  

May 2012 Prayer Letter


Caitlin in cardboard boxDear Friends & Family,


Please accept our apologies for not sending an April prayer letter.  We know that many of you have been praying for us, and especially for our support to go up.

We are pleased to inform you that our financial support level has now passed 95% and we have clearance to leave for Thailand!  This is a great answer to prayer, and we want to thank you all for praying for us in this specific need.  The additional support came in through a combination of new supporters and current supporters increasing their pledges.  God is good in providing in his time, through your generosity!  Thank you!

We have not yet bought airplane tickets but will buy them soon, after we wrap up a couple items here in the States.  We expect to leave in May and will send out an email/Facebook update when we have an exact date.

March 2012 Prayer Letter


calendar with question mark on itDear Friends & Family,


We’re still here!  I know that many of you thought we would be in Thailand by now - and so did we!

We are really thankful that more support has come in but we are still not quite where we need to be financially.  Last month, we told you that we were almost there (which we are) but after a conversation with a fellow missionary, we went over our budget again and realized that we can’t make some of the cuts that we wanted to make without hurting ourselves in the long-run and possibly not having the money that we need for life and ministry in higher cost Bangkok.  So, our latest update is this: We are still almost there and are praying hard that the needed additional support will come in within the next month or so.  If we don’t return by mid-April, we will have to re-apply for visas for Sun, Joshua, & Caitlin - a $240 expense we’d rather not have.  And this is besides the fact that we want to move to Bangkok and get settled in before the school term at Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS) starts in August.  Karl will be teaching “Intro to World Missions” to the students at BBS this fall.