August 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends & Family,

We are very thankful for some good ministry times and a family vacation during the past couple months, even as we continue to meet up with friends and supporters and look ahead to Scotland.  Here’s a brief round-up.

[If you don't know why we are going to Scotland, click here]

Northern California Trip

From the end of June to early July, we drove from Southern California to the San Francisco area to visit a supporting church, experience America, and see family and friends.  We praise God for a good ministry weekend at Lord’s Grace Christian Church (Mountain View, CA) where Karl helped with short-term mission team training, preached, and shared about ministry in Thailand.  Joshua got in on the action too with his first public speaking engagement, sharing with the Sunday school kids about life in Thailand from a kid’s perspective.  Joshua liked sharing with the group and is now on the calendar to do the same with the kids at Grace Presbyterian Church (Yorba Linda, CA) on Sunday, Aug 13th.

On our Northern California trip, we also tried to see a bit of America since we’re not here for long.  Both kids and parents enjoyed the Golden Gate bridge, giant redwood trees, a steam train ride, fishing, and hiking in Yosemite National Park.  We were thankful for the chance to make some good family memories together.

Yosemite National Park

June 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends & Family,

We’ve been enjoying a good home assignment in the U.S., with about 3 months down and 3 months to go.  Our time here has been busier than expected but it is great to see so many of you and to share in churches.  Between now and the end of August, we’ll speak a few more churches, share about Thailand at a VBS, and meet up with a number of more people.  Please pray for those meetings, that people would be encouraged and challenged by the Word of God and by what He is doing in the world.


Though we are physically present in the U.S., our thoughts are pulled towards two other places: Thailand and Scotland.

April 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends & Family,

Greetings from Southern California!  Our family returned from Thailand at the end of January for six months of home assignment (furlough).  Our first six weeks in the U.S. brought us to Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Indiana and we are now in Orange County, California up through the end of August.

Traveling so many places has been tiring for our family, and somewhat unsettling as we have lived out of suitcases and spent lots of time adjust to new places and different patterns of doing things compared to our last four years in Thailand.

Dahlfred Family, February 2017

We are really thankful for the many kind and generous people we’ve met as we’ve visited churches, and caught up with mission partners, and friends new and old.  God has provided in so many ways, some unexpected and very timely, as we’ve booked flights, rented and borrowed cars, and filled our calendar with lots of coffees, lunches, and other get togethers.

December 2016 Prayer Letter

homemade Christmas tree that our kids made from toys and construction paper

Dear Friends & FamilyMerry Christmas!

The end of the year is suddenly upon us, and I sit in my darkened living room looking up at the soft white Christmas lights that my kids strung across the room.  It is peaceful and I am thinking about what is past and what’s ahead.

Our family has lots to be thankful for.

Everyone in the family is happy and healthy, and the kids are enjoying homeschool, despite periodic episodes of foot dragging and lollygagging.  John never stops asking questions and Joshua and Caitlin never stop reading.

I’ve been enjoying teaching at the seminary, spending time with students, and discussing church history and ministry issues.  The faculty are great people to work alongside.

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