June 2019 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Dear Friends & Family,

Greetings once again from bonnie Scotland!  It is cold and wet here but we are getting on with things and marvel at the fact that our time in Edinburgh may come to a close in a year or so.

Research Progress - I am Writing!

In our last prayer letter, I told you that I was trying to finish up reading and scanning the documents that I collected over the summer. Thanks be to God that is largely done now and I have started writing. I wrote chapter one and am in the process of revising it per my supervisor’s recommendations. Trying to figure out how to make a massive amount of data all fit together into a logical and interesting narrative is hard work! 

But my constant prayer is that not only would my research come together into a coherent whole, but also that what I write will be useful. I keep asking myself, “How does this relate disciple making? How will this be relevant for the church?” At the end of the day, very few people read doctoral theses but I have a list of ideas for shorter spinoff articles that would make a contribution to the mission of the church in Thailand and elsewhere. It is my hope and prayer that my studies here would have real benefit for both my teaching at Bangkok Bible Seminary as well as writing and teaching for the broader Christian community. Please pray that I would have clarity of thought and excellent time management so that I can write up a quality thesis and our family can head back to Thailand by mid-year 2020. We are enjoying our time in Edinburgh but we are all looking forward to returning to ministry in Bangkok. 

Grace City Bangkok 5 Year Anniversary

Speaking of Bangkok, we are delighted to share with you that Grace City Bangkok, the church that we’ve served with in Thailand, recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary. New people are coming and there have recently been baptisms of new believers. Please pray that this Gospel-centered church community in the heart of Bangkok would be a strength and encouragement in the Lord to one another and lights to the people around them.  I (Karl) will preach at Grace City Bangkok when I go back to Thailand in June to renew my missionary visa. I’m looking forward reconnecting with this precious church community once again.

Baptism at Grace City Bangkok church retreat
Baptism at Grace City Bangkok church retreat

Bible Storying in Edinburgh

Sun was involved in a Christianity Explored group which has now finished but Sun is not finished exploring Christianity with people! She continues to meet with a small group of ladies in our apartment complex, discussing stories from the Gospel of Mark each week. Pray for Sun and this group of women from various nations, none of whom are currently believers in Christ.  May the Holy Spirit grant new life!

Budget Update

We’ve been really blessed with so many of our mission supporters sticking with us during this time of dedicated studies, and it is our hope and prayer that our support remain at a high enough level to finish well and return to Thailand next year sometime. During my first year, my tuition was covered yet heading into my third year of studies in September, we’ll need to pay about two-thirds of the hefty tuition fees out-of-pocket.  Please pray for wise budgeting for our family and for God’s continued provision.

by Christ’s grace,

Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Continued Ph.D progress
  • Sun’s Bible storying group
  • Financial Provision
  • Growth of Grace City Bangkok church


  • Ph.D writing progress
  • Ministry opportunities in Edinburgh
  • Kids’ personal faith and holiness


6/10-18 ~ Karl to Thailand for visa renewal

6/16 ~ Karl preach Grace City Bangkok



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