May 2009 Prayer Letter

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7th Thailand Congress on EvangelismDear Friends & Family,

Thank you for your continued prayers.  May the LORD lead us and guide us as we seek to be faithful to Christ in Thailand.

Twice in a row, my attempts to bring PhraBaht church members out to Nong Doan for evangelism and visitation have fizzled.  I am not sure if I will continue to try this route of evangelism or not as there seems to be little interest of late. After talking with the church’s leadership committee, we have set a date to meet with two other Christian families in Nong Doan to see if we can team up to get a church started there.  Currently, those families travel to Bangkok each Sunday for worship although they would really like to see a church in Nong Doan as well and have done some outreach towards that end.  If we could cooperate with them, this would be a really good thing because they seem to be more spiritually mature and stable than the Nong Doan Christian couple that come to the PhraBaht church.  With three Christian families in Nong Doan, we could start Sunday worship in there, which would make it easier to invite the people living in


Nong Doan (as opposed to traveling into PhraBaht or to Bangkok). We originally moved to PhraBaht in order to work alongside the PhraBaht church to do outreach in NongDoan together but since there is a low level of spiritual maturity and motivation among many members of the PhraBaht church, we wonder in retrospect whether it would have been better to live in Nong Doan.  It is simply more difficult to get to know people and share the Gospel in a place where you don’t live.  Please pray that the LORD would give wisdom and guide both us and the other group as we discuss the potential for working together in church planting.  Nong Doan is a small town without any existing churches so it would be better if we could work together to get at least one church started and not be seen as competitors.

Sun is feeling well even if still more tired than usual.  She had a check-up and ultrasound at 21 weeks and the baby seems to be healthy and growing normally.  Due date is Sept. 21st.

Language study is coming along as well.  Karl had two language checks on May 12th and Sun has one coming up on May 21st.  Pray that we would keep plugging away at this and be ever learning so that we might relate to and communicate as effectively as possible with the Thai people around us.

Coming back from the Thailand Evangelism Congress in Bangkok, I learned that Uncle Dek has been moved from the PhraBaht hospital back to the Nong Doan hospital.  His future is uncertain as he is too weak to live on his own but not sick enough to warrant staying the hospital.  He is single and his relatives don’t seem enthusiastic about taking him in.  Pray that he would remember the LORD and that the believers here would know how to best show him love.

We are seriously considering starting a weekly Kids Club in our neighborhood, teaching simple English and Bible stories so please pray for wisdom for us as we decide and coordinate what needs to be done.  This could be a good opportunity to teach about God, show love to the community, and get to know people.  Thank you for praying.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred



Direction in pursuing church planting in Nong Doan
Reconciliation between Phrabaht church members
Sun’s pregnancy
Uncle Dek in hospital
Weekly Bible study with Chaat & Muay in Nong Doan
Perseverance and progress in language study

Sun’s pregnancy
Progress in Thai language study
Opportunities to be involved of lives of church members and neighbors
Opportunities to share the Gospel

5/4-8 Thailand Congress on Evangelism, Bangkok
5/12 Karl language checks
5/16 Meeting in Nong Doan to discuss cooperation in church planting
5/21 Sun language check
5/24 Joshua’s birthday


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