December 2015 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Dear Friends & Family,

As another year wraps up, we are thankful for what God is doing in our midst - in the life of our church, in the lives of seminary students, and the life of our family.

Grace City Bangkok church camp

At the end of October, our church plant had an evangelistic camp that was well attended, including a few families of non-believers.  Dr. Natee, our pastor, gave 3 talks during the weekend and good fun was had by all as games were played and relationships built.  Within a few weeks after the camp, two young adults professed faith in Christ!   We are praising God for their new life in Christ and hope to see them baptized and become church members in the new year.  Sometimes Christians put a big emphasis on big events, and big events like camps and conferences can be important in birthing and developing people’s faith.  But the Holy Spirit, in His sovereign and mysterious power, is pleased to give people new life at many different times and circumstances, big and small, public and private, loud and quiet.  Please continue to pray for the growth of these new believers and for our whole church.

Grace City Bangkok church camp, October 2015

The Formative Role of Seminary

During a Christmas lunch with some masters degree students from Bangkok Bible Seminary, I was particular struck (and encouraged) by the testimonies of a couple students.  One student shared that when people objected to Benny Hinn’s big show in Bangkok a few years back, he wondered what the big deal was.  He preached Jesus.  What’s not to like?  This particular student has taken two classes from me and know that now he has more discernment than that, so I asked, “So what changed?”  He answered, “Going to seminary.”  A consistent diet of Scripture had focused his faith and taught him to discern truth from error.  Another student told about how he had been a part of various different churches, some of which had extreme and strange teaching and practice.  “But I just accepted it all,” he said, “I put it all in the drawer of my mind, never sorted it out, and never considered whether the different stuff I was learning was contradictory.  But coming to seminary, I learned the standard of Scripture.  I learned to sort out the things I had been hearing, and was able to walk forward with Scripture as my standard so that my faith was not all over the map anymore.”  The fundamental shift in these students’ thinking happened before I had them in class this past term, but I see the fruit of that transformation and I am overjoyed to be teaching in a school where present and future church leaders get grounded in Scripture and gain a firm foundation for their own lives and for ministry to the Thai churches around the world.

Christmas lunch with Bangkok Bible Seminary students

Thank You For Your Support

As we reflect on another year passed, we are thankful for your prayers and support that enable us to be here.  Thank you. We are happy to be involved in ministries where we can make positive contributions to the healthy growth of Thai Christians and churches.  

Sun and I have been very busy in recent months and are feeling weary, but our family is doing well.  Our kids are happy and growing, and we are rejoicing in what we see God doing around us.

Sun homeschooling the kidsPlease continue with us in prayer for the spread of the Gospel in Thailand and growth of Christ’s church here.  Pray also for us, for renewed strength over the holidays as we head into a new year.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Evangelism and discipleship at Grace City Bangkok Church
  • Rest and renewed strength for our family
  • More financial support in 2016. We’ll probably end 2015 at 80%.


  • New believers at Grace City Bangkok church
  • Seminary education transforming lives


12/9 Last day of BBS term

12/19 Grace City Bangkok Church Christmas party

12/27 Karl preach


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