July 2014 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Grading exams at Bangkok Bible SeminaryDear Friends & Family,

This past June was full of travel for our family so as July gets going, we are all glad to be back home in Bangkok and settling back into a routine again.

Grading and Course Planning

The spring term at Bangkok Bible Seminary finished this past May and most of Karl’s time between now and the new term in August will be filled with grading from the past term and course planning for the new one. Grading is particularly challenging for Karl because his reading speed in Thai is significantly slower than English and the students’ handwriting on exams is sometimes difficult to decipher. That translates to many tedious hours of working through tests and papers. Please pray for Karl as he grades and does course prep this summer. It is fairly quiet around here right now but the campus will spring to life again when students return for the new semester on August 13.

Praises and Challenges at Kanok Bannasan

We have asked you previously to pray that God would provide people to fill some vacant positions at Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers Thailand). Praise God that He has provided a new graphic designer who will create book covers, news letters, do illustrating and many other necessary artsy task. Please continue to pray for an additional editor. We only have two editors at the moment and a third editor would significantly increase our capacity to produce new books. Besides having enough staff, one of the other challenges of producing new books is translation. When we are translating biographies, testimonies, or evangelistic tracts, translation is often fairly straightforward. But theological books are tougher. One book that has been particularly rough going is “Delighting in the Trinity” by Tim Chester. As far as English language books are concerned, it is one of the more readable, accessible books about the Trinity. But in the Thai language there is not standardized vocabulary to talk about things like the economic Trinity vs. the immanent Trinity. Even in English, most people wouldn’t know what that means. So how do we say it in Thai without completely losing people? As an editorial and theological advisor, one of Karl’s jobs is to help the editors work through difficult language and theology so that we can produce readable, understandable books for Thai Christians. Pray that we may succeed!

Grace City Bangkok Church plant

Please continue to pray for the church plant that we are involved in. We have a regular trickle of visitors, some people on the verge of faith but not quite there yet, and others who are hearing the Gospel through family members but not yet interested. You can view the church’s website at www.gracecitybkk.org

Househelp Needed

Sun would really like to hire someone to help with housework and other tasks on a regular basis so that she has more time to homeschool Joshua and Caitlin. In Thailand, this is quite normal and viewed as a way to help people by giving them work. And it would certainly take some pressure off of Sun as she cares for baby John and homeschools our older kids.

Thanks for your prayers and support

by Christ’s grace,
Sun & Karl Dahlfred


  • Karl’s grading and course prep at BBS
  • Another editor at Kanok Bannasan
  • Househelp so Sun has more time for homeschool


  • New graphic designer at Kanok Bannasan
  • New visitors at Grace City Bangkok Church plant


6/15 Karl at brother’s wedding in USA

6/26-29 OMF Thailand Annual Conference, Chiang Mai

7/6 Karl preach Grace City Bangkok Church


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