June 2013 Prayer Letter

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Dear Friends & Family,


May 24th marks the one year anniversary of our return to Thailand.  It has been a very busy year but we are glad for all that the Lord’s mercies.

First Year of Seminary Teaching

Preparing and teaching seminary courses in Thai has been very challenging but also very rewarding.  It has been a sharp learning curve, my language ability has been stretched, and many hours have been poured in.  Now that the school term has ended, it is a great relief in many ways.  I have time to catch my breath, and improve on what I’ve done this year for next year’s classes.  I still feel like I have a lot to learn but I am glad that Bangkok Bible Seminary is happy to keep me on as I learn how to be a blessing to my students.  You can read more of my reflections on my first year of teaching seminary in Thailand in this blog post.  Thank you to all who lifted me up in prayer during this past year of teaching.

Upcoming Kanok Books

The Thai book about cults that I have been working on during this past year will finally be published this July.  One of our Thai editors is busily working on corrections and changes to what I have helped write and we should see the finished product shortly.  Also, I have finished the initial draft of a booket on the prosperity gospel and am getting feedback from other missionaries and Thai Christians before one of Kanok’s Thai editors works through the text and we go to print.  I am hoping that this booklet will be published by the end of the year.  The prosperity gospel has gained a following in many churches and we need more materials to inform and equip Thai believers with the truth.

Pregnancy Update

Sun is six months along and feeling tired, but well. She is seeing the same doctor who delivered Caitlin. So far, so good. Joshua told us that he hopes Mommy has octuplets. We told him that wasn’t going to happen.

HomeschoolingClick to read Joshua's eBook

We are both very pleased with how the children are doing with homeschool.  Joshua enjoys reading and writing more than math but is happy to do the later as well.  The other day, I came downstairs in the morning and found Joshua in his pyjamas reading an illustrated book about world history.  And recently he has begun instructing us in “chicken history”, an imaginative hybrid of what he’s been learning and stuff he’s made up.  The other day, we learned that Catholic and Protestant chickens traveled from France to America and had a quarrel with Barack Obama chicken about whether chickens who laid eggs in America could return to France or not.  And also, we were very impressed to learn that Martin Luther chicken converted thousands of rabbit heathen through his preaching.

Itinerant Preaching

About 1-3 times per month, Karl preaches at various local churches, and when not traveling, our family attends a Thai church down the street on Sunday morning, and are part of a budding church plant group on Sunday afternoons.  More on that in another prayer letter :-)


by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Karl’s preaching at OMF conference
  • Upcoming books and staff needs at Kanok
  • Smooth pregnancy


  • Pregnancy: So far, so good
  • Karl survived first year of seminary teaching
  • Itinerant preaching



6/24       Bible storying workshop at Thailand Baptist Seminary

6/27-30   OMF Thailand Annual Conference (Karl preaching one of the plenary sessions)


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