April 2013 Prayer Letter

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Thai New Year’s Festival, April 13-15 (Photo: Wyndham)


Dear Friends & Family,


We hope you all had a good Easter, celebrating our Lord’s resurrection.  Here in Thailand, hot season is in full swing in Thailand as temperatures soar over 100 degrees each day.  The heat and humidity make us even more tired than usual, especially Sun.


In our last prayer letter, we mentioned that Sun was feeling exhausted but we knew that this season would pass.  A perceptive reader read between the lines and wrote back, asking, “Is Sun....?” Yes, she is. We are pleased to let you know that Sun is pregnant with our third child, who should be making his or her appearance mid-September.  She is about 16 weeks along now, feeling tired, but not sick, and eating about every 2 hours.  It is hard to keep enough meals and munchies in the house!


One of the informal ways that we are helping out at Bangkok Bible Seminary is by leading a couple of small group Bible studies in our home, using Bible storying to teach English.  One group is staff & faculty, and the other is some female students whom we hire to help Sun with housework for a few hours per week.  This is a way to both disciple, and to improve their English.


Caitlin is learning some of the letters in the alphabet and she can count and recognize numbers to five.  Joshua is continuing to work on his creative writing, and is currently on page nine of his saga about Jedi penguins.  We all eagerly await the latest installments to learn what happens to Darth Crab and Darth Bonk.  Sun and Joshua have also recently finished the Chronicles of Narnia.  Caitlin is also “into” Narnia as much as a three year old can be.

Sun also recently took the kids to a homeschool week at the OMF Bangkok mission home.  Two times per year, several OMF missionary families who homeschool their kids come together for a week of group activities and lessons.  Our kids always look forward to these as something fun and different, and a great opportunity to play with other missionary kids.


Many people have told me that the first year of teaching is the hardest.  Now I (Karl) know what they mean.  Please pray for me as I push through the final couple months of the school year at Bangkok Bible Seminary.  This semester has been particularly tiring as I prepare for my two church history classes each week: Church History Survey and Thai & Asian Church History.  It is not unusual for me to be up to one or two o’clock in the morning preparing my lessons.  Please pray for endurance, discipline, and the right balance of work and rest.  


Please pray for Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers Thailand), where Karl assists with research, writing, and translation.  We are having some turnover, and need a new editor and people in sales and stock.  We have a small staff so a few people make a big difference.

Thank you for all your prayers.  May Christ by glorified.


by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Sun’s pregnancy
  • Endurance in teaching at BBS
  • Staff needs at Kanok


  • Pregnancy: So far, so good
  • Kids liking homeschool
  • Storying at BBS



4/8-11 Theological Educators’ Conference, Petchburi, Thailand

4/21   Karl preach New City Fellowship Church, Eastern Bangkok

4/28    Karl preach Raphipat church plant, Northern Bangkok


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