November 2012 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .



Dear Friends & Family,


Our family continues to keep busy here in Bangkok and we appreciate your continued prayers for us and for the Thai people.


There are just a few short weeks left unti the end of Karl’s first term teaching at Bangkok Bible Seminary.  The first year is always challenging for new teachers as they prepare and teach courses that they have never taught before, and Karl’s experience has been no different.  Teaching in a second language adds it’s own challenge as well. But his course in World Missions has been going well, and our family has been integrating into the seminary community, getting to know students and faculty.  Please pray that not only Karl’s teaching, but also our lives and relationships with the students will be a blessing and example that will draw us all closer to Christ and adorn the Gospel of grace.

Bangkok Bible Seminary faculty and students



Since we are homeschooling Joshua and Caitlin, one of the challenges has been to help them learn Thai.  We are very thankful that Joshua has a Thai friend, the son of another seminary professor, who comes over and plays often.  He speaks some English, but we also hope that Joshua will get some Thai.  So far, Joshua has not been very motivated to learn Thai.  One of the seminary students has started to come over to teach Thai to Joshua and Caitlin once per week, so please pray that this and other efforts to help the kids get Thai would be fruitful.  Especially pray for the desire to learn on their part.


For various reasons, the prosperity gospel seems to be a big hit in the global south, Thailand included.  For years, this “name-it-and-claim-it” message of health and wealth has been creeping into Thailand, but it finally came to the forefront of discussion in the Thai church this past September when a big name healing and prosperity televangelist put on an event in Bangkok. This emphasis on riches and blessing is calling attention away from Christ and the gospel, and needs to be combated on many fronts, most of all through positive teaching of the true Gospel in the local church.  But books and social media also have a part to play in calling out this unbiblical teaching for what it is.  At Kanok Bannasan, we are adding a chapter about the prosperity gospel to an upcoming book on cults and false teaching that will come out in 2013.  Please pray for Karl as he researches and writes the final chapters of this book in November and December, so that the Thai editor will be able to begin reviewing them in the new year.  More importantly, please pray for the Thai church, that the true Gospel of Christ would triumph and find its place in the hearts of believers, displacing the false gospels of prosperity, legalism, and moralism.


Pray for Karl as he preaches at various churches, about 1-2 times per month.  Pray not only for his preaching, but for the preaching in Thai churches throughout the country. The Gospel is going forth, but moralism and legalism are going forth too... in too many places.  May the Lord build his church and guide her growth.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Good finish to first term of teaching, and preparation for spring classes
  • Kids to want to learn Thai
  • The victory of the true Gospel over the prosperity gospel in Thai churches


  • First semester teaching has gone well
  • A student who can teach Thai to the kids


11/20  Karl preach BBS Chapel
11/30  Visa renewal
12/9    Karl preach Int’l Church Bangkok
12/14  BBS last day of term
12/12  Karl preach Blessing of Ayuthaya Church

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