August 2012 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .


Bangkok Skyline at Sunset (photo: Diliff)Dear Friends & Family,


What a difference a month makes!  There are still some boxes lying around but we have largely moved in at this point and begun to settle into a routine - Life is getting busy!



New School Year Begins at BBS

This past week, students started moving into the dormitory next to our house and the road out front is getting more foot traffic as everyone looks forward to the new semester that begins August 14th.

Karl is set to teach “Intro to World Missions” to a group of 4th year Bachelor of Theology students.  This is their final year and this is the one missions class in their curriculum.  Please pray that Karl will teach well, and more importantly that the students will learn well, gaining a vision for world missions.  There are extremely few Thai missionaries serving abroad, and the Thai church needs to grow in vision for reaching beyond their own people to those who are culturally, linguistically, and geographically distant from them.  Pray that this class would be used of the Lord to raise up more workers for the harvest fields, near and far (Acts 1:8).

Burmese in Thailand

Speaking of missions, one of the golden opportunities in missions today is the massive number of Burmese people living in Thailand.  Burma, now called Myanmar, is a military dictatorship without open access for missionaries.  This weekend, our family has the privilege of going to Pattaya (1.5 hours from Bangkok) where Karl has been invited to preach at the two year anniversary celebration of a Burmese church.  Karl will preach in English and be translated into Burmese as he teaches and preaches on being born again, and assurance of salvation. Pray that we would be a blessing to this group of Burmese believers living outside their homeland.

Where Will We Serve?

Lots of folks ask us what church we are going to, or where we are serving now.  We are in the midst of visiting various churches in Bangkok, and Karl is starting to receive invitations for preaching.  Please pray that we would have wisdom, discernment, and good information as we seek the local church ministry that God would have us serve in.  That might mean going to one church locally and serving there regularly, or a combination of attending a local church and having an itinerant preaching ministry at various churches in Bangkok and beyond.  We want to do our homework and not be too hasty in committing to something.

Cult Book

In his work at Kanok Bannasan, Karl is nearly done revising the chapter on Mormonism, and there is a possibility that the focus of the book might be expanded to include a chapter on the prosperity gospel, which is making increasing in roads into Thai churches.  Pray that missionaries and Thai church leaders will have conviction, wisdom, boldness to winsomely shepherd the flocks of people who find themselves attracted to these false gospels.

Thank you for standing with us for the sake of God’s glory in Thailand and the joy of His people.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Discernment to know what church ministry we should be part of in Bangkok
  • Karl’s teaching at Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS)
  • Wisdom for missionaries and Thai church leaders to know how to counter act prosperity gospel


  • Great opportunities to bless the Thai church through working at Kanok and BBS
  • Adjusting to new city


8/12 Preach at Burmese Church in Pattaya
8/14 First day of class at BBS
8/26 Preach in Ayuthaya

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