June 2012 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .


Downtown BangkokDear Friends & Family,


Greetings from Bangkok!  Yes, we finally made it.  We arrived in Thailand on May 26th after a very long but uneventful journey.


Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us as we wrapped up our time in the States.  We took care of everything that needed to get done, and are excited to have moved on to our new adventure in Bangkok.



Our first week in Thailand, we stayed at the OMF Mission Home in Northern Bangkok while getting over jetlag and commuting downtown to start setting up our new house next to the Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS).  The seminary paid rent on the house for us during 2011, and we picked up the rent starting this past January.  The house is a real blessing in that it is, a) an actual house and not an apartment, and b) right next to the seminary.  The building just next to us is used by BBS for administrative offices, student & professor housing, and the cafeteria.  Once the new school term starts on August 14th, there will be tons of seminary folks passing by our gate everyday.  Already, we’ve run into a number of faculty, staff, and students as we’ve been in and out of our house to clean, etc.  

This proximity to BBS is a great opportunity to invest in the lives of students and be involved in the seminary community.  But, we are also very conscious of the fact that our family is now living in a fish bowl.  Please pray that our lives will be examples of godliness, in how we treat each other and how we raise our children.  May we learn how to practice hospitality well and make people feel welcome, even though at times we might long for more privacy.  What people see in our lives could be a great influence for good, or for bad, depending upon what they see.


The last proper vacation that our family took was about 2 years ago.  So after about a week of jetlag recovery and house set-up, we are now at OMF’s holiday home on the beach in Southern Thailand.  It is fantastic to finally take a bit of a rest after a very busy home assignment in the U.S. and the busyness of returning to Thailand.  Getting lost in Bangkok’s crazy traffic everyday last week definitely added to our accumulated exhaustion as well.  My jaw was literally on the floor of the car at some of the idiotic, dangerous driving that we’ve witnessed while trying to navigate the unfamiliar maze of roads in this concrete jungle.  Driving in Boston now seems like a leisurely drive in the countryside compared to Bangkok.


After our vacation, we will be at OMF Thailand’s annual conference for a few days before we start living in our new home and setting it up in earnest.  We need to collect our things from storage and replace furniture lost in last year’s flooding.  During July, Karl will also be busily preparing his lessons for the new BBS term that starts August 14th.  Please pray for him, both in terms of the content of the class (“Intro to World Mission”) and also language abilty, as he will be teaching in Thai. 

We covet your prayers for us and for this nation.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • That our family would be godly, especially as our house is so close to BBS
  • Karl’s prep for new school term that starts Aug 14
  • Our church ministry designation in Bangkok

  • We’re back in Thailand!
  • Kids adjusting well!
  • God’s provision every step of the way


05/26      Arrive in Thailand
05/28      Karl at BBS Faculty & Staff retreat
06/4-18   Vacation
06/21-24 OMF Thailand Annual Conference

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