March 2012 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .


calendar with question mark on itDear Friends & Family,


We’re still here!  I know that many of you thought we would be in Thailand by now - and so did we!

We are really thankful that more support has come in but we are still not quite where we need to be financially.  Last month, we told you that we were almost there (which we are) but after a conversation with a fellow missionary, we went over our budget again and realized that we can’t make some of the cuts that we wanted to make without hurting ourselves in the long-run and possibly not having the money that we need for life and ministry in higher cost Bangkok.  So, our latest update is this: We are still almost there and are praying hard that the needed additional support will come in within the next month or so.  If we don’t return by mid-April, we will have to re-apply for visas for Sun, Joshua, & Caitlin - a $240 expense we’d rather not have.  And this is besides the fact that we want to move to Bangkok and get settled in before the school term at Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS) starts in August.  Karl will be teaching “Intro to World Missions” to the students at BBS this fall.

Continuing Deputation

This month we are continuing to make church visits, preaching, sharing about missions, and taking part in some missions conferences.  We love missions mobilization and jump at the chance to challenge, encourage, and inform people about God’s heart for the nations and what He is doing in Thailand.  We want to be a blessing to people and churches regardless of whether any financial support will come of it.  At the same time, we need support.  Where will it come from?  We don’t know.  We seek to be a blessing to others, and make our needs known, and then wait for the Lord to provide in his time, in his way.  But waiting is really hard!  Please pray that we would have abundant patience and faith as we trust the Lord to bring us back to Thailand.  If you have questions about our finances (or anything else, for that matter), please feel free to contact us.


Alongside church visits and meeting up with people, Karl is working on a couple projects related to ministry in Thailand.  First is the Thailand Missions Digital Library.  Together with another missionary, he is gathering resources for a website of free resources for missionaries, pastors, laypeople, researchers, and students who are interested in missions in Thailand.  We hope to have an official launch this year but it is a long process of gathering resources and cataloging them in a database.

The other project that Karl is working on is turning his Th.M thesis about conversion into a Kindle book so that this material can get broader distribution and be a blessing to the church at large.  You can currently download it as a PDF but getting it into the Kindle store at will hopefully increase visibility and make the material more reader-friendly.


Please continue to pray for the Lord to provide the rest of what we need to return to Thailand, and that we’ll be able to smoothly wrap up our affairs Stateside in a timely manner.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • More financial support to return to Thailand ASAP
  • Renters for our house while we are in Thailand
  • Our ministry designation to a church or church-plant in Bangkok

  • Some additional financial support
  • More church visits & deputation opportunities


3/11 Karl preach (in Thai) at Sila Church, Bellflower, CA

3/18 Preaching & speaking about missions at New Life Presby. Church, La Mesa

??/?? Fly to Thailand

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