January 2012 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .


At Karl’s graduation from the Master of Theology (Th.M) program at Talbot School of TheologyDear Friends & Family,


Happy New Year!  This past year has been a very good but very busy.  We arrived in California in January and Karl started an intense program of graduate studies.  Joshua started school (pre-K and now kindergarten). Sun worked hard on finding us the right house, which we bought in June.  Karl successfully finished up his Th.M degree in December, and now we are working on getting back to Thailand.  Praise God for his provision for our family is so many ways!



Sometimes missionaries on home assignment see their support drop because people think that they don’t need money because they are home.  We are thankful for our many faithful supporters who have stuck with us during our year at home and are ready to see us off again to the mission field.  Praise be to God that since we wrote to you last month a couple large donations have come in to help alleviate our low support problem.  The support gap is closing but we are still not where we need to be. Thus, we must delay our anticipated January departure.  We are hopeful however, that we’ll get good news of more support in the next few weeks so that we can leave for Thailand in February.  We don’t know where that support will come from but are praying for the Lord’s provision.  Until the support comes in, we are stuck in a holding pattern here.  We want to take off!  Please pray that we’ll soon get news of new support pledges so we can book our tickets!


While we’re disappointed that we’ve had to delay our return to Thailand, more time in the States means more opportunities for deputation and training.  Mid-January, we’ll be participating in a missions conference at one of our partner churches, sharing about ministry in Thailand and Karl will be preaching.  Also, from January 23-27, Karl will be attending a training course called “Simply the Story” (STS).  The method being taught in this 5-day training is a form of oral inductive Bible study that is useful with people who don’t read well or don’t prefer to read.  This is particularly applicable for our context in Thailand, but is also increasingly useful in America, where more and more people are not in the habit of reading nor able to think critically.  Our family has been using a modified from of STS in our evening devotions. It has really helped us to get key Bible stories into our heads and to think about them.  Next time you see our son Joshua, try to get him to tell you a story from the Bible!  He knows several by heart!  Or watch him in action HERE.


Once we have a more definite read on our departure date, our property manager will list our house for rent so that we will hopefully have someone in there by the time we leave.  Please pray that the Lord will give us good long-term renters who can pay a rental price high enough to cover the mortgage.


Our time remaining in the U.S. is limited, so if you’d like to get together with us, now is the time!  Thanks for all your prayer and support for us, and for God’s work in Thailand!

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • More financial support to return to Thailand ASAP
  • Renters for our house while we are in Thailand
  • Our ministry designation to a church or church-plant in Bangkok

  • Karl’s graduation from Talbot with Th.M degree
  • Two generous large donations - support rising!


1/13-15 Missions Conference at First Chinese Baptist Church, Fountain Valley, CA

1/23-27 Simply the Story training, Hemet, CA

1/28 Karl at Presbytery meeting

2/1 Fly to Thailand ???

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