November 2011 Prayer Letter

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .


Flooding in Northern BangkokDear Friends & Family,

Our countdown clock is ticking down as we look forward to returning to Thailand in just a couple months.  We plan to leave in January 2012 but a few things need to happen in order for us to have an on time departure.  Please join with us in prayer for the following items:



By our best estimates, our overall financial support level needs to go up by about $500/month in order to receive clearance to leave.  This doesn’t need to be money in hand, but merely pledged.  We are working to make this happen, but don’t yet know where the additional support will come from. Please pray for the Lord’s provision in his timing.


Karl’s thesis is completed but he still has a couple courses to finish up, as well as comprehensive exams.  Please pray for wise allocation of time and sufficient completion of degree requirements.  If all goes well, Karl will graduate from Talbot School of Theology on December 16th with a Master of Theology.


While we are in Thailand, we plan to rent out our house in Southern California.  We are contracting with a property manager to oversee finding and taking care of renters while we are gone.  Please pray that the Lord will give us good long-term renters who can pay a rental price high enough to cover the mortgage.

If the above three items all fall into place, we hope to be in Thailand by the first week of January.  We will not go back to our previous location in PhraBaht, Central Thailand.  Instead, we will be moving to downtown Bangkok where our ministry will be threefold.  We will be involved in a local church/church plant (exact location to be determined), Karl will teach part-time at Bangkok Bible Seminary, and he will also assist part-time at Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers Thailand), who produce Christian books in the Thai language.  Bangkok Bible Seminary is keeping a house for us next to their campus. We will move into it and start paying the rent when we arrive.

We are thankful that we will not need to house hunt in Bangkok.  However, we are not sure how much we will have to put in the house.  Our household belongings are stored in two locations in Central Thailand, one of which has been underwater during the recent floods.  Furniture, mattresses, and other items will need to be replaced.


If you’ve been following the news (or our blog) recently, you’ve probably seen reports of the catastrophic flooding which has affected much of Central Thailand and is now entering Bangkok.  Hundreds of people have lost their lives and millions have been displaced, some losing their livelihoods.  Many people whom we know, both Thai and missionary, have been affected.  In many ways, we would rather be in Thailand right now to be the hands, feet, and mouth of Christ rather than in sunny, dry, Southern California.  But there will be much clean-up and rebuilding still to be done for sometime to come.  Please remember the Thai people in your prayers, that this time of suffering for them will be God’s megaphone, awakening them to hear the Gospel and respond.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • More financial support so we can return to Thailand in January 2012
  • Karl to finish Th.M studies for Dec. 2011 graduation
  • Renters for our house while we are in Thailand
  • Those affected by Thai flooding disaster

  • Karl’s Th.M thesis final draft approved
  • Greater consistency in family devotions


11/12 OMF prayer meeting
11/30-12/5 Karl renew visa in Thailand
12/12 Karl at OMF Phoenix prayer group

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