April 2009 Prayer Letter

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New Baby Ultrasound (bum-bum to left, head to right)Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you for for your continued prayers.  We press on in all our responsibilities and we appreciate your pressing on in prayer for us.  

Our big news is that Sun is pregnant again, about 17 weeks as of this writing.  Due date September 21st.   We are excited about the prospect of a new little one but also a bit anxious as Sun’s previous two pregnancies ended in miscarriage (at 4 months and 2 months, respectively).  Thus, we hold on to the fact that God is sovereign and God is good, praying that God will graciously give us another child to be with us for many years to come but also trusting that if He doesn’t, then it is good and He will strengthen us for whatever is ahead.  In the meantime, Sun has been exhausted for the past few months, eating every 2-3 hours, yet only nauseous on occasion.  Karl has been trying to take care of her and Joshua, while Joshua has been pretty self-focused as can be expected of any toddler.  It is fun, however, to watch him to look into Mommy’s bellybutton to see if he can see the new baby.

We are also trying to make a priority of language study.  Sun had a language check at the end of March and will have another one on April 21st, just before her 2nd year Thai language exam on April 23rd.  This exam is her big goal before her belly gets much bigger and life gets busier later this year.  Karl is spending many hours a day ploughing through a Thai historical fiction novel about the history of democracy in Thailand.  He will go in to the language school to have a check on this book and another module in May.  Later this year, we’ll have short term teams and a new baby so we’re trying to front load our language study into the earlier part of 2009. If no more snakes decide to sunbathe on our desk, this plan should work (http://dahlfred.com/blogs/gleanings-from-the-field/34-snake-hunting)

Trips out to Nong Doan with the PhraBaht believers haven’t happened recently for a number of reaons - we were away, various regional church camps, Easter, and so forth. I (Karl) hope to rally the troops and get us out there again soon.  Currently, I am the only one at the PhraBaht church taking initiative to see these outreaches in Nong Doan happen.  People are happy enough to go when I organize something (granted nothing else comes up), but they have yet to “catch the vision”.  People don’t come up to me and say, “So, when are we going to Nong Doan again?”.  Hopefully, this will come with time.  

I went out to find Uncle Dek in Nong Doan to do some Bible study and found out that he was in the hospital in PhraBaht.  I found him in the ICU, awake and alert but still quite ill.  He is out of ICU now but still quite weak.  It seems like previously undiagnosed diabetes may have caught up with him.  I’ve visited him a few times on my own, and also with PhraBaht church members.  Please keep Uncle Dek in prayer.

We praise God that two ladies at church have been reconciled and also ask prayer for a young Christian couple (with baby) whose marriage is shaky.  We spend at least as much time trying to see PhraBaht church members grow into healthy disciples as we do in trying to do outreach to the masses of people who have yet to hear the Gospel.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred



  • Bi-weekly visits to Nong Doan for on-the-job evangelism training with PhraBaht church members
  • Reconciliation between Phrabaht church members
  • Sun’s pregnancy
  • Uncle Dek in hospital
  • Boldness in evangelism
  • Perseverance and progress in language study

  • Sun’s pregnancy
  • Two ladies at church reconciled
  • Opportunities to be involved of lives of church members and neighbors
  • Opportunities to share the Gospel
04/03         Karl’s Birthday
04/09         OMF Prayer Mtg, Suphanburi
04/13-15    Songkran (Thai New Year)
04/21        Sun language check
04/23        Sun 2nd year Thai exam
3/31         Sun language check
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