May 2010 Prayer Letter

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cows cross road in rural Thai village of Nong DoanDear Friends & Family,

Perhaps you noticed that we did not have a prayer letter this past April.  We were tired and really close to vacation time so decided to skip a month.  We’re in the midst of Thai hot season, which is particularly hot this year, so it was good to get away to the beach for a couple weeks even it is often not so restful with two small children.

When we arrived back in PhraBaht, we were glad to discover that Pastor Jareun and his family were about to head out for a week of vacation.  Thai people almost never take vacations, and only take a few days off around international New Year’s (Jan 1) and Thai New Year’s (April 13-15).  Jareun and his family really needed a rest so we were glad that they decided to do something counter-cultural here in Thailand - taking a vacation.

While our family was on vacation, we bought some souvenirs (dried fish) for our neighbors in Phra Baht and have been visiting some of them to give it out.  A few neighbors in particular we are closer to, and have talked with about spiritual matters in the past.  Sun recently had a long conversation with Mrs. Lek whose daughter recently got married under less than ideal circumstances.  We’ve been talking with our next door neighbor Nipon and his wife about getting together for a meal but it hasn’t happened yet.  Pray that we would find a time to go out with them soon.  And pray that we would be light of Christ in each of these relationships.

Sun continues to meet up with Arui for Bible study and Thai study, and will be starting to meet with Joy and Nung again soon.  Mr. Ting in Nong Doan dropped off the radar for a while when he moved to his brother’s house and I couldn’t find where he had gone.  Mr. Ting has no phone.  Chaat (with whom I used to do Bible study but has lately been too busy) knows where Mr. Ting is living so when Chaat is free, he will show me where it is.  I look forward to getting back to weekly Bible study sessions with Ting.

Please be in prayer concerning the Thai political situation.  Long standing differences, the quest for power, and the desire to save face are pushing national stability to a breaking point.  There might be a peaceful resolution soon but there also might be a violent crackdown on protestors or a civil war of some sort.  We are far removed from the epi-center of action in downtown Bangkok, and don’t feel in danger at all, but Thailand is in the midst of significant national crisis.  I won’t give details because they will be outdated before you read this letter.  May the LORD use this situation to point people to Christ, the only steadfast, good, just, and reliable one in the midst of a turbulent world.

In mid to late May, the school term starts again, and we will restart the evangelistic kids club at Nong Doan Primary School.  This month will be advance planning for the new school term.  Student worker Tam will be back to help me again and hopefully some other Thai folks.  The young man at PhraBaht church who was interested in the Nong Doan work has recently graduated and moved to the provincial capital to start a new job.

Please continue to pray for us, and for God’s church in Thailand - for growth in both numbers and spiritual depth and maturity.

by Christ’s grace,
Karl & Sun Dahlfred


  • Discipling Thai Christians
  • Thai political crisis
  • Growth of Thai church


  • Visitation & discipleship opportunities
  • Vacation for us & for Pastor Jareun’s family


4/6-20   Family Vacation

4/25      Karl preach  at Phra Baht Church
5/5-7     National church leaders meetings

5/13      OMF prayer meeting

5/16     Karl teach at Phra Baht church

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