Baby Ninja

Most children progress from holding their head up, to pushing themselves up, to crawling, to walking, to running, etc. However, our Joshua is quite amazing and has skipped all of these phases and decided to go directly to flying through the air. It could be attributed to his incredible intelligence or maybe just too many kung fu movies before bedtime, but we marveled at our little baby as he leapt across the bed like a mini ninja. You may not believe such tales, but the photographic evidence should sufficiently prove our claims.

Growing Baby

Joshua has officially graduated from a bassinet to a crib. We thought we'd be able to sneak by with the bassinet until we left for Thailand but our kid is big - 25 inches, and 12 lbs 8 ozs big at his 2 month check up. Praise God that a generous friend lent us a port-a-crib that is quite good (more like a real crib if you ask me). Joshua's arms don't quite touch the sides now whereas before he was stretching out in the bassinet, trying to bring the house down on him like an infant Samson.

A Blog for Baby

We love our little Joshua and we know that many of our friends and family love the little guy too so here is a blog to share pictures and stories about him as he grows up. Perhaps someday (in the distant future), Joshua himself will get in on the action and do some posting himself.

Our original birth announcement for Joshua can be view here.

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