...that's baby in the tub! Joshua has a great time climbing in and out of these plastic tubs that we bought. We were going to use them for something else but now they are just his toys. Even better than just sitting in the tub is filling the tub with all his toys at the same time he is sitting in it.

We also recently got him a toy dump truck because he enjoys putting his wooden blocks into containers so much that I thought a dump truck would be the perfect toy for hours upon hours of loading and unloading.

Joshua the Builder

Joshua is having a great time in our new home, running around and getting his hands into everything. It is taking me forever to put those child latches on cabinets in the kitchen because the latches just aren't designed for the type of cabinets available here in Thailand. However, we've got at least *some* latches in place so he no longer plays with the cooking oil and soy sauce bottles. When he is not opening doors that he shouldn't, Joshua especially loves carrying tubs, buckets, coolers, and other large objects around the house. The bigger the better. Then he stacks them up or tries to get inside of them. Here's some recent pics.

I know that I left some blocks down here someplace.

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Today we celebrated Joshua's first birthday! Praise God for the healthy happy little boy that God gave to us one year ago today. He is still the same cute bundle of joy that we held in our arms in the hospital but, unlike then, he now wriggles out of our arms and flees naked across the room while we chase him down to put some clothes on him. So many changes within a year. Joshua was pretty oblivious to the fact that it was his birthday today although we think he enjoyed the icing on the cake and sucking on his new toys. Here are some photos from our celebration for Joshua (during lunch time with some other missionaries.)

Joshua is not sure what to make of this flaming platter put before him.

Bothered by Evil Spirits

A fellow missionary friend here in Thailand recently shared the following story about the influence of evil spirits on Thai people and I think that those of you who pray for us and for the Thai people will find his story insightful. He writes:

"In the west, we often don't think much of what it would be like to be under the domination of spirits. Fear and manipulation of spirits is a constant theme for many Thai.

Late yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from one of the church members. He was at the church with a high ranking military officer and his wife, who were asking for prayer [although neither of them are Christians]. She claimed that someone had hired various spirit doctors to possess and attack her. She reported having various visions that I'd rather not go into, and that the spirits were taunting her and telling her she was going to die. There was a look in her eye of emptiness and fear, and her husband had a deep look of concern in his face. As we prepared to pray for her, he asked if he should take off his amulets, and we said yes. He proceeded to take off 4 or 5 necklaces filled with amulets and talismans - one necklace with about 15 small amulets, another with 3 or 4 large amulets, and so on. Some of these amulets are

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