Joshua Unwraps Gifts

Mommy and Daddy each had a few gifts but Joshua was the big winner as far as Christmas gifts this year. Actually, we hardly bought him anything all, but other people, especially Grandma, showered gifts upon our little man. Last year, Joshua didn't know what to do with gifts except stare at them and tap the box but this year his ripping and tearing skills were much better developed.

Joshua tears into his first gift from Grandma

First Words & Ketchup

Do you know what a TCK is? TCK means third culture kid and is coming to replace the term MK (missionary kid). Joshua is a TCK. A TCK is a kid who grows up somewhere between one culture and another, not really feeling fully at home in any culture. Along these lines, Joshua is making an interesting beginning in life as he interacts with us and the world around him here in Thailand.

We are still waiting for his first English words but he has a few Thai words that are very clear and very frequent. Although we think he has said "Dad", "ball", "amen" and "book", all of these have been one time occurrences. His favorite word is "nam" which is the Thai word for water. However, he uses it not only when he wants water, but when he wants milk, or grilled pork sticks, or sticky rice, or that tasty cherry children's Tylenol, or the toy we stuck

The Fanmaster

One of Joshua's latest games is to turn the fan on and off. We have a few tall floor standing fans and Joshua loves to squat down and press the buttons on the fan, usually number "0" or "3" always leaving the fan off when he is finished playing. I am sure he is enjoying exploring his world but it is frustrating when I turn on the fan and then go and sit down across the room only to have Joshua pitter patter over and turn off the fan. I'll tell him, "Joshua, please turn on the fan" but usually to no avail. He'll hit "3" and the fan will whir for 5 seconds and then he'll hit off. They on again, then off again. Then he leaves it off and goes to play with something else so I get up and turn it on. But, ah, since Daddy has taken an interest in the fan Joshua returns to the fan again - 0....3...0...3....0.....3....0 until he is bored. I love our little boy and I am glad he is learning about the world around him and he sure is cute but Thailand sure is hot and I would really enjoy having that fan on. Lord, give me patience.


...that's baby in the tub! Joshua has a great time climbing in and out of these plastic tubs that we bought. We were going to use them for something else but now they are just his toys. Even better than just sitting in the tub is filling the tub with all his toys at the same time he is sitting in it.

We also recently got him a toy dump truck because he enjoys putting his wooden blocks into containers so much that I thought a dump truck would be the perfect toy for hours upon hours of loading and unloading.

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