Joshua the Motorboat

Last week we went up to a lake in Laconia, NH to see family and Joshua had a good time playing in the water. The water was cool so we were really happy that he warmed up to it. Here are a few pictures and a video of Daddy helping Joshua pretend that he was a motorboat.

Joshua uncertainly tests the cool lake water

Joshua plays trucks with Auntie Elizabeth

Daddy helps Joshua to be a little motorboat

The Random Thoughts of a Toddler

What's going on in there? Before they can talk, it is often a mystery as to what babies and little kids are really thinking about. As Joshua has become much more verbal in the past month or so, we've gotten some really unique insight into what is going on in that little brain. Every so often, he will blurt out something completely unrelated to what's going on or where he is. Here's some examples:

I was changing his diaper on the floor of his room and Joshua blurts out "chipmunk". Apparently he was thinking about the chipmunks that run around in my Dad's backyard.

We were driving down the street and Joshua announces "airplane, airplane". We looked out the windows and up into the sky to see if Joshua had seen an airplane but we couldn't see anything. Maybe the mere sight of the sky reminded Joshua of airplanes. It's hard

The Bubble Chaser

Sun took Joshua out into the front yard of my Dad's house in New Hampshire to see if he would enjoy a bubble wand that someone had given to us. Joshua had a great time trying to chase down the bubbles but he wasn't quite grasping the technique of how to wave the wand to produce bubbles.

Joshua chasing bubbles as they are carried away by the wind



Sun instructs Joshua in the fine art of waving the bubble wand to produce big fun bubbles



Joshua chasing bubbles as they are carried away by the wind

Sun instructs Joshua in the fine art of waving the bubble wand to produce big fun bubbles

Video: Joshua pursues bubbles across the yard

Joshua Learns to Pedal

A month ago, Joshua was unwilling and unable to pedal his little tricycle and now he has blown us away by cruise around on a regular bike with training wheels. We never even thought he could do this so we hadn't even considered buying him a bike. However, this past week we were down at the OMF Bangkok mission home for a Church Planting workshop and Joshua floored us by scrambling onto one of the children's bikes in the play area and... Woosh! Off he went!

Here's some pictures (and a video!) of the momentous occasion:

Joshua Goes to the Beach

Joshua had lots of fun playing on the beach during our most recent trip to OMF's holiday home in Southern Thailand. He is still a bit shy of the waves and doesn't like getting his hands dirty with wet sand but he had a good time walk and running around with Mommy and Daddy, not to mention Pepsi the dog.

Joshua doesn't like the waves much. Look at the expression on his face as we hold him in place for this picture.

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