The Little Prince

When we were up in Chiang Mai recently we took some family photos at a shop that dresses you up in traditional Thai clothes with all the fixings. Joshua was quite a character and the photographer got some real nice shots.

I think the dragon was just for studio decoration and not really intended to be ridden like a rocking horse

The photographer's assistant was playing peek-a-boo with Joshua to try to get him to look at the camera. Monkey see, Monkey do.

Confusing the Biblical Narrative

We're doing the best that we can to teach Joshua about God and what God tell us in the Bible but Joshua sometimes gets the details a bit turned around. He is only two and a half so we don't expect him to get it all right but sometimes his understanding of things are a bit comical. Last year we were given a Christmas tree ornament of Noah's Ark (Thank you Lord's Grace Christian Church!). It is a really fun ornament, three-dimensional with animals and Noah and company sticking out of it. We've read the story of Noah to Joshua from some children's story books and talked about it with him verbally. Unlike many kids books, we try to be faithful to the Biblical narrative and tell Joshua that God flooded the world in order to kill all the bad people who hated God and didn't want God's forgiveness. One morning recently, I came into the living room and saw Joshua playing with the Noah's Ark ornament on the tree, making it bob up and down and back and forth as if it is sailing in the ocean. I wanted to know what was going on that little head of his, so I ask him, "Joshua, where is Noah's ark going?" Without missing a beat or turning around to look at me, Joshua replies confidently, "kill the bad people." Oh really? Noah and the animals are on a mission to kill the bad people, are they? A bit of confusion about who is doing what and why in the story of Noah but we'll keep

Interview with Joshua

This past month I was testing out a voice recorder program on the computer to use for Thai language study when Joshua came running into the office. Seeing the computer open, he immediately demanded to see pictures. Previously, I had gathered pictures of cars, dogs, airplanes and other fun things off of the Internet for Joshua to look at on the computer so that is the only reference point that Joshua has for what a computer is used for. Seeing an opportunity, I picked him up, put him on my lap, and put the newly downloaded voice recorder program to the test. Here is an MP3 of the results: Joshua requests pictures

Joshua had so much fun listening to his own voice, that he keeps requesting to listen to himself on the computer. He especially gets a kick out of the "poo-poo pictures" question. He has requested to hear himself so much, that I decided to make another recording of his voice with some more formal interview questions, including his name, his parents' names, and the first two questions from the Catechism for Young Children (a simplified version of the the Westminister Shorter Catechism). Joshua beat me to the punch on the second question, though and answer before I asked. You can listen to it for yourself though: Joshua interviewed about his name, parents' names, and life & the world

Joshua En Route

Flying with Joshua is always an interesting experience. Sometimes challenging. Sometimes frustrating. Sometimes fun. Always tiring. By the time we got to our second layover in Tokyo, we were feeling pretty drained as we waited for our flight to Bangkok. Joshua was still a bundle of energy however, seeing as he had gotten more sleep on the plane than either Mom or Dad.

Joshua checks out the airplanes as we wait for our flight to Bangkok

Joshua tries to phone home from the Tokyo Airport. When asked who he was calling, Joshua replied, "Uncle James, Papa, Auntie Nancy, Uncle Bruce"

Joshua Loves Trains

Joshua loves trains. In early September, we took a drive with Karl's Dad to Conway, NH for a ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad. Joshua thought that the big trains were great and before the end of the ride we had him pulling his hand down pretending to blow the train horn and saying "Choo-Choo". In the weeks following our train ride, Karl ordered a bunch of wooden trains for Joshua to play with. They are rather difficult to find in Thailand, so we made sure we stocked up before flying out. Pictures of Joshua playing with the wooden Thomas trains are down below, after the Conway Scenic Railway pictures.

Joshua and Mommy pose in front of the train before our ride

Home Depot Kids Workshop

Joshua had great fun building a wooden planter at Home Depot's Kids Workshop, which they apparently offer for free on the first Saturday of every month. He got a little apron and a certificate of achievement, besides the fun of building the planter (with a little help from Mommy, of course)

Joshua and Mommy show off for Daddy their handiwork at Home Depot

Joshua demonstrates how he hammered in the nails to make his planter. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" yells Joshua.

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