King Joshua Rides into Battle

Mommy made his blanket into a cape.  Daddy took some paper from the printer and made a crown.  But it is King Joshua himself who thought to ride his trusty green buffalo to go fight.  Of course by the time we got out the video camera and started rolling, he needed a bit of encouragement to keep on riding.  The green buffalo has turned out to be one of the best ten dollar investment I have ever made.


If you have trouble viewing the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.


Joshua: an Aspiring Preacher?

We've been working on getting Joshua to memorize some Bible verses and catechism questions.  He is doing a decent job so far, even if he doesn't get it right all the time.  Actually, it takes quite a bit of work to get him to memorize them.  Not that he has a bad memory, but he is not always willing.  However, one day he picked up the little New Testament that was given him the last time we were in the States and did a Scripture "reading".  Multiple times over.  Amazingly, he was still doing it by the time I got the video camera out.  


Two small comments before you watch the video: 1) that is baby Caitlin crying in the background and yes, she is okay (Mommy is with her), and 2) Joshua's emphasis upon certain parts of John 3:16 is entirely of his own doing.  He was not coached to do that.  Might we have an aspiring preacher on our hands?

If you have trouble viewing the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.


Starting to Smile

Last night, baby Caitlin at almost 6 weeks woke up at 3:30 am and after her feeding gave us a big smile twice. What a treat! Today she gave us another smile. So precious!  We haven't been able to get a picture yet.  Coming Soon!


Pillow Mountain

From time to time, Joshua strips all the pillows off of the couch and chairs in our living room and compels them to do his biding.  Somtimes they are monster truck wheels, and other times they are just scattered everywhere.  Sometimes, such as in the picture below, he makes a big mountain of pillows on the bed in our guest bedroom/office and climbs on up.


Quite pleased with himself, Joshua sits high atop Pillow Mountain.


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