Joshua's Fourth Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we celebrated our son Joshua's fourth birthday, together with another missionary family.  After a lunch of hot dogs and french fries (per Joshua's request), we brought out the cake.  According to Joshua, a birthday is not a really a birthday unless you have a cake.  Here is a short one minute video that Sun took of the cake part of the event.



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Caitlin Photos - 7 Months Old

Here is a collection of photos of Caitlin from around the time she is 7 months old.  She is now sitting up on here own and has cut her first teeth (front two teeth on the bottom)


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Grapes for Uncle James

One day, our dear boy Joshua plucked the grapes out of our basket of fake fruit on the kitchen table and said, "I want to send these to Uncle James (Karl's brother).  Let's go talk to him on the computer".  Because of the time difference between Thailand and the United States, that just wasn't going to happen (at least not if we wanted Uncle James to be happy about it).  So, I offered Joshua the opportunity to send a video message to instead.  Uncle James, these grapes are for you:



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