Riding an Elephant with Joshua

This past July, Joshua and I had an opportunity to ride an elephant in Ayuthaya, an ancient capital of Thailand.  We paid way too much for the ride, and way too much for the official photo that you see below, but it is not everyday that a boy gets to go for an elephant ride.  And Joshua had a great time, and that's what's important.




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Porcupine vs. Soldier

Joshua's drawing skills are greatly improving.  While he stills does a fair amount of indecipherable scribbling, once in a while he produce a picture that actually looks like something.  When we asked him about the picture below, Joshua told us the following story (which Mommy wrote on the top of the picture): "A porcupine shot its quill at the soldier but missed.  Then, the soldier shot it with a gun, and the porcupine died."  I think that if I ever encountered a porcupine that big, I might shoot it too.




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Caitlin Starts to Walk

Caitlin has recently started walking.  Not perfectly, and not for long but it is definitely walking.  Joshua didn't walk until after a year old so at only 10.5 months, we are pretty impressed with her accomplishment.  Here is a short video of her efforts so far:


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