Joshua vs. Termites

You never know what critters you will find in your house in Thailand.  This time it was a massive termite infestation.  Not fun!  But Joshua still had a good time showing the termites who was in charge when we found the nest.  Watch our 1 minute video to get the full report.



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Club Penguin Ice Fishing Secret

Joshua is really into an online game called "Club Penguin" and he wanted to share about it.  Here's some pictures and his commentary:

“You have to catch 60 fish and then there will be a few more fish. And one of those fish, catch it, but do not put it in the pile. Keep it in the water so that when the mullet fish comes, it will eat it.  That is the secret of ice fishing in Club Penguin.”



Our Kids Love Dressing Up

With Joshua at 6 years old, and Caitlin at 3 years old, the creative juices are running high.  Both of them love to imagine they are flying, jumping, shooting, or whatever and costumes are great for that.  Recently a missionary friend sent along some costumes for the kids in luggage that was coming this direction and the kids had a blast.  Here's a pic:


Firefighter Superhero Jedi & Ladybug

Raising Chickens for Homeschool

Another missionary family was raising chickens and we thought we would also do that as part of our homeschooling experience. They were going to give us a hen and a Thai pastor was going to give us a couple of chicks. We were happily surprised when we received the hen AND a mother hen with her five 3-day old chickens. We had been building a hen house and preparing the place for months, so the children were ecstatic to finally get the chickens. The chicks have since grown quite big and are shedding their fuzzy feathers. They are starting to spar with each other. Caitlin really enjoys mothering the chickens. She wants to catch and hold the chicks whenever she has an opportunity. The kids also enjoy looking for eggs (we’ve got 4 so far!).


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