Dahlfred Kids' Inventions

Every six months, our mission organization holds a "Homeschool Week" for those families who are homeschooling to come together for some group activities and learning.  This past October, the theme for homeschool week and all the children had to present something that they had invented, or talk about an invention.  Our kids decided to put their thinking caps on and invent some things.  Mommy videoed the results, and Daddy edited it together into the video you see below.  The volume on some parts of the video is low, but you'll get the idea.  Enjoy.

Click here to watch on YouTube

Lego Droid Swimming Contest

Joshua says, "I like my Lego scene. In the scene, there is a a bookie holding a sparkle gun. He is shooting sparkles into the pool.  There is also a bookie shooting water at the droid. A bookie and a droid are waving flags at their champions.  Even the super battle droid is waving his arms up and down.  I like to have Daddy post my Lego scenes. Enjoy!"

At-At Walker & Droid Drawing

Joshua was very pleased with his drawing of an At-At Walker from the Star Wars movies, and requested that I post it on his blog (picture below).  Joshua says, "I made this At-At Walker in my best 3D drawings.  I am very proud of it. I spent time to put some details in."

At-At Walker drawing by 7 year old Joshua

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