At-At Walker & Droid Drawing

Joshua was very pleased with his drawing of an At-At Walker from the Star Wars movies, and requested that I post it on his blog (picture below).  Joshua says, "I made this At-At Walker in my best 3D drawings.  I am very proud of it. I spent time to put some details in."

At-At Walker drawing by 7 year old Joshua


Baby John - First Two Months

In 2013, we were very pleased that God added another member to our family, baby John.  Here are some pictures from his first two months.

Click on any thumbnail to see the full size image.

Press the left or right arrow to move forward or backward.


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Club Penguin Ice Fishing Secret

Joshua is really into an online game called "Club Penguin" and he wanted to share about it.  Here's some pictures and his commentary:

“You have to catch 60 fish and then there will be a few more fish. And one of those fish, catch it, but do not put it in the pile. Keep it in the water so that when the mullet fish comes, it will eat it.  That is the secret of ice fishing in Club Penguin.”