The Ferber Method

Joshua is sleeping quite well in his new tropical environment. We were so busy in the weeks before we left the States that it was difficult to get him into a regular sleep routine but now that we have a more regular schedule (and more free time), we have found much success with the Ferber method. The first night, he screamed for more than an hour but since then he will go down to sleep in about 10-20 minutes, or sometimes 30 minutes. This is awesome because rocking him to sleep for an hour multiple times a day gets old really quickly. We praise God that he is sleeping well. Other than a bit of heat rash, Joshua is adjusting quite well. Thank God for a happy baby.

Baby Sunglasses

Karl's parents came out from the East coast to visit and we all went for a trip to the San Diego Zoo. When we got there we realized that baby would be in the sun all day so we got some little baby sunglasses and a baby baseball cap from the gift store. Joshua was super cute in his new digs and we all had a great day at the zoo.

Joshua Tree National Park

When Karl's brother James came to visit, we all went out to Joshua Tree National Park for a couple of days and had a wonderful time in God's good creation. Baby Joshua was a real trooper through it all and it is too bad that he will remember none of it except for what we tell him and the following pictures. We'll go there again someday when he is older and will get more out of it.

Joshua Meets Uncle James

Karl's brother James came to visit for a few days and got a chance to meet his new nephew. Joshua was very non-chalant about the whole meeting but Uncle James took a little while to adjust to baby handling, to which he is otherwise unaccustomed. Here are some pics from the meeting of the minds.

Sleep, Four Month Check-Up, & Car Seat

It has been difficult to get Joshua to sleep recently. He cries and cries until it is time to eat again. When he finally does get down to sleep, then he sleeps through the night and then some but he protests something wicked before going down for that sleep. He usually eats every three to four hours but sometimes, it seems, he cries so much in protest against sleeping that he works up an appetite in just two hours or so.
In other Joshua news, he went for his four month shots last week and the doctor said he is in 75% percentile for weight (15 lbs 12 ozs) and 95% percentile for height (25 inches). He is going to be a tall boy like Daddy.  He is getting long for his little car seat and we've loosened the straps a bit to accomodate our growing boy. This car seat should be good until he is 22 lbs, which is still quite a few months away, but we went out tonight and bought a convertible rear-facing & forward facing car seat for when he gets bigger. It should last him until he is four years old, maybe even five.  Normally, we wouldn't be in a rush to get such an item, but decent car seats are hard to come by in Thailand (or so we hear). The Thai are generally not much into safety. Therefore, we need to think ahead and purchase anything that we will need for the next four years in Thailand that is only available in the United States (a reliable car seat, for example).

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