Spin the Baby

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Joshua's newest game is to spin around in his crib while he is sleeping. We put him down with his head going north (lengthwise) in the crib but when we come back later sometimes he has turned 45 degrees with his feet up on the crib bumper, sometimes turned 90 degrees with his head and feet jammed up against either side of the crib widthwise (this can't be all too comfortable), and then other times he has spun around almost 180 degrees so that he is facing the exact opposite direction of how we put him in the crib. At first we couldn't figure out how he did it, but we think he pushes off with his powerful, chunky thighs and spin his tail out (again and again in some cases). Then today, for the first time, we heard him crying and found that he had turned himself over for the first time and was on his belly, head up like the Sphinx, looking around and crying. Joshua is going to be a hyper-active terror on two feet once he has enough balance and coordination to walk. Having a baby is fun.
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