Meet My Little Friend

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

One of Joshua's favorite activities is standing. In this picture, we are doing our ventriliquism routine where I hold him up from behind (or often from the sides) and he supports his weight on his legs. He has more than enough strength to hold him self up but almost most zilch for balance. But we both have lots of fun holding him up and keeping him from toppling over as he flails around, looking everywhich way.

Also, in the past few days he has just started what Sun calls "crawling". I suppose it IS the beginning stages of crawling but what he is actually doing looks more like someone trying to push a wheelbarrow that doesn't have a wheel. While lying on his belly, Joshua will straighten his legs at an angle to the floor, push off with his feet, arch his butt up in the air, and push his face and arms into the floor (or bed or whatever his is lying on). Granted that he does move an inch or so forward on occasion while using this method, I not convinced that this is bona fide crawling. But he is getting there. Joshua will be four months old next week (9/24)

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