Latin and Legos

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

As a reward for finishing all the lessons in his Latin book, Joshua got a (long-awaited) Lego prize.  I say learning Latin is a reward in itself but for Joshua, the hope of Legos sweetened the deal and kept up the motivational level.


With an increasing amount of Legos comes an increasing ability to do large scale building projects.  For the past several months, Joshua's Lego universe has centered around an always-under-construction building called "Wizard Academy" where wizards, stormtroopers, superheroes, and other assorted characters live, fight, eat, and sleep. Apparently the residents of Wizard Academy are not at home today, but here is the master architect and his creation.

Joshua and Wizard Academy

Joshua and Wizard Academy


Joshua and Caitlin with the Lego Army


Close-up of the Lego Army (foreground focus)


Close-up of the Lego Army (background focus)


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