Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Today we celebrated Joshua's first birthday! Praise God for the healthy happy little boy that God gave to us one year ago today. He is still the same cute bundle of joy that we held in our arms in the hospital but, unlike then, he now wriggles out of our arms and flees naked across the room while we chase him down to put some clothes on him. So many changes within a year. Joshua was pretty oblivious to the fact that it was his birthday today although we think he enjoyed the icing on the cake and sucking on his new toys. Here are some photos from our celebration for Joshua (during lunch time with some other missionaries.)

Joshua is not sure what to make of this flaming platter put before him.

We put Morning O's (like Cheerios) on top of his cake because they are his favorite food

Winnie the Pooh's belly button is a Cheerio

Joshua needed some encouragement to eat cake. Future birthdays will probably require less external prodding.

Joshua has had enough birthday and wants out of his chair

What could this be?

Oh boy! A Boston Red Sox baseball bat. Thanks Uncle James! What shall I do with it now?

I know, I'll put the Red Sox bat in my mouth and suck on it (this should not be taken as a commentary on the Red Sox, however)

Ahhhhh! A sorting shapes cube. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

What shall I do with this little orange block that fell out of the cube?

I know just the thing! I'll stick the block in my mouth. Everything is better in my mouth.
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