Joshua the Builder

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Joshua is having a great time in our new home, running around and getting his hands into everything. It is taking me forever to put those child latches on cabinets in the kitchen because the latches just aren't designed for the type of cabinets available here in Thailand. However, we've got at least *some* latches in place so he no longer plays with the cooking oil and soy sauce bottles. When he is not opening doors that he shouldn't, Joshua especially loves carrying tubs, buckets, coolers, and other large objects around the house. The bigger the better. Then he stacks them up or tries to get inside of them. Here's some recent pics.

I know that I left some blocks down here someplace.

Ahh, there's those blocks that I've been looking for. I knew I put them in the cooler.

Rub a dub dub, baby's in the tub.

Let's see how high I can stack these up before they fall on me.

Daddy's photo shoot comes to an end as Joshua spots the camera.
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