Joshua Goes to the Beach

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

Joshua had lots of fun playing on the beach during our most recent trip to OMF's holiday home in Southern Thailand. He is still a bit shy of the waves and doesn't like getting his hands dirty with wet sand but he had a good time walk and running around with Mommy and Daddy, not to mention Pepsi the dog.

Joshua doesn't like the waves much. Look at the expression on his face as we hold him in place for this picture.

Joshua had a great time running with Mommy (and sometimes running after Mommy or being chased by Mommy)

We often have no idea what he is pointing at.

Joshua is really fond of dogs and makes a bee line for dogs of any kind (including pictures of dogs). In this picture, Joshua has managed to catch up with Pepsi, one of the friendly dogs who live at the OMF holiday home.

Joshua has spied Daddy making a funny face behind the camera.

During our holiday, we went for a walk on the beach each evening after dinner until it was time to go back to give Joshua his bath and put him down to sleep for the night.
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