The Random Thoughts of a Toddler

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

What's going on in there? Before they can talk, it is often a mystery as to what babies and little kids are really thinking about. As Joshua has become much more verbal in the past month or so, we've gotten some really unique insight into what is going on in that little brain. Every so often, he will blurt out something completely unrelated to what's going on or where he is. Here's some examples:

I was changing his diaper on the floor of his room and Joshua blurts out "chipmunk". Apparently he was thinking about the chipmunks that run around in my Dad's backyard.

We were driving down the street and Joshua announces "airplane, airplane". We looked out the windows and up into the sky to see if Joshua had seen an airplane but we couldn't see anything. Maybe the mere sight of the sky reminded Joshua of airplanes. It's hard to know.

More than once during bathtime, Joshua has laid down on his stomach, extended his arms in front and his legs behind, and said, "Elmo swim". Taking a bath must have reminded him of Elmo swimming in the video that we borrowed from the library. Why Elmo swimming is so memorable (as compared to all the other things that he has seem Elmo do on the small screen) is a mystery to us.

As Joshua becomes more verbal and able to articulate, he is becoming much more fun and communication is less of a chore. Of course, he is able to be more demanding in specific ways as well. More than once, both Sun and I have had Joshua come up to us while we are reading a book and, putting his hand on the book to shut the cover, says, "Close it. All done." This, of course, means that he wants us to do something else and that reading time is over.
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