Tying the Apron Strings

Written by Karl Dahlfred on .

I had finished drying off Joshua after his bath and sent him on his way to find Mommy for his nightly post-bath naked hug. While he went and did that, I went into his room to arrange a few things. Joshua burst into the room, wanting to find his apron. This past year when we were in the States, he had gotten an orange apron from the Home Depot (see previous post). Joshua said, "I want to wear apron like Mommy". I helped him get the apron over his head and barely restrained Joshua long enough to tie the apron strings before he ran off to the kitchen to find Mommy who was washing dishes in Mommy's apron. Mommy was wearing an apron so Joshua thought he should wear his apron too. It didn't occur to him as anything odd that he wasn't wearing anything except an apron.

Look Daddy! We're both wearing aprons!

The naked apron boy cheerfully grants a photo
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